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Why LDC Via? The non-technical reason for our strategic partnership

August 23 2016

Last week at MWLUG 2016, PSC was proud to announce our new strategic partnership with LDC and their Via offering. It is getting some coverage in the community, and when we get the press releases out, hopefully some press attention. I have been asked "Why?" quite a bit since that announcement. There are a bunch of technical reasons and I will let Mark talk about that. Keep an eye on his blog for the next few weeks for some specific technical discussion. But let's talk from a business point of view. What I care about is what helps me in my effort to help my current customers and get one ones. Yes, I am in sales - you all know that. So how does this fit into my sales strategy? It's really simple. We have many customers who are existing Notes client, Domino Web, & XPages customers who are looking for options to move their applications off the platform. Let's put all the emotional stuff aside, but this year has seen a massive increase on that request. And it's no secret that PSC has