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Lotusphere Comes to You Chicago

March 18 2008

Thoughts about Lotusphere Comes to You here in Chicago at the Intercontinental Hotel - Great location. IBM has the Collaborative Summit at the Field Museum last fall, and today at the Intercontinental Hotel right on Michigan Ave. This after years of being in the basement of a no name hotel - If it was not raining, foggy, or if I did not have a box of materials, I would have walked! 3 blocks from where I live ... love the location - IBM had over 300 people register for the event. I would say over half of that attended. In a world where 50% of the registered folks attend, if is better than average. That being said, the Microsoft Heroes Happen Here event in Chicago had over 2,000 people. I guess free copies of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio.NET 2008, and Microsoft Vista with SP1 on the DVD was the draw. Would having DVD(s) of IBM software lift attendance? - There is only one track and it is focused at product news and strategy. This year, LCTY is designed for decision makers. We