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Interesting Thought: Adobe should work with Amazon with the Kindle 3

April 12 2010

As a follow-up to the thought about Adobe and Creative Suite and Apple discussion, maybe Adobe should go out of it's way to work with Amazon to put Flash on the Kindle? I assume we will see Flash on the HP Slate and a slew of Android tablets later this year. But the Kindle the 'other' successful tablet out there. Amazon has to be working on something to answer the iPad (well, unless you are one of those that thinks Amazon will walk away from the hardware biz and just focus on the Kindle apps). The Kindle 3 could be the mobile Flash device everyone seems to want. My take - who knows. I would love to see a Kindle with some form of backlight and color ... only as long as it is still eInk and has the amazing battery life that my Kindle 2 DX has today. I know, I know .. you can't have the backlit screen and the 2 week battery life at the same time .. but they could give me a switch to turn it off, just like I can do with the wireless today. I would also prefer they keep how light the Kindl