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Does Lotus Symphony really need LotusScript support? Redux

July 23 2008

(Sorry for the title only post before, was me setting blogs in the future for writing, and then didn't get to it ... all comments deleted) So this should be a fun topic. I would like to throw out this topic: Does Lotus Symphony really need LotusScript support? And by support I mean native classes. My answer right now is No. Here is why. First, Lotus Symphony already supports the UNO API. For example, you can use the following LotusScript to put text into Lotus Symphony Documents: Set SM=CreateObject("") Set Desktop=SM.createInstance("") Set WriterApplication=Desktop.loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/swriter","_blank",0,args) Set WriterText=WriterApplication.getText() Set Cursor=WriterText.createTextCursor() Call WriterText.insertString(Cursor,"Hello World!",False) Those who have been to my integration presentations at a conference will notice that this is the same code to automate The UNO API support is a car

XPages Comes of Age - 6.17.2008 - Remember that date

June 20 2008

Everyone should remember the date of 6.17.2008. And not because the Celtics beat the snot out of the Lakers to claim the NBA title. Why should you remember that date? XPages came of age that day. I was one of the folks invited to Westford by IBM to get some XPages training. IBM thought they had something 'special' (to use Bill Hume's word) in XPages, but you could tell they were a bit scared that the Design Partners, Managed Beta, and general beta users were not noticing. I told a group of folks Monday night that I had not had my "ah ha" moment with XPages yet, and that is why I was going to the training. Talk about an 'ah ha' moment! More like a major ass kicking on why XPages are the future! So, before I give you my thoughts, let me recap what other people there thought: Andrew Pollack: So a bunch of Notes guys walk into a bar..... XPages continues to impress the heck out of me Tabs, tabs, tabs, tabs ....wonderful tabs... -- Will most XPages sites use tabbed navigation? A s