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New Video showcasing a Lotus Symphony API Solution

October 27 2009

Here is a video I recorded that showcases the PSC Insert Graphic for Lotus Symphony technology demo More videos to come!

Notes 8.5.1 bring us a true Lotus Symphony API!

October 14 2009

One of the features of Notes 8.5.1 that is getting buried under the local XPages and other killer features is the new API that allows Notes developers to write LotusScript and Java to automate Lotus Symphony. No longer does one need to learn the UNO hacks we have been using for the past couple years with and the past 18 months with Lotus Symphony. I am queuing up a bunch of articles on the new Lotus Symphony API for this week and next. Here is a quick rundown on them: 1. Introduction to the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API 2. Lotus Symphony Documents "Hello World" in LotusScript 3. Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets "Hello World" in LotusScript 4. Lotus Symphony Presentations "Hello World" in LotusScript (and why it doesn't work) 5. Lotus Symphony Documents and Mail Merge via LotusScript 6. Using the Symphony LotusScript API in a Document Action 7. Using the Symphony LotusScript API in a View Action 8. Building Cha

Symphony Thursday - What’s New in Lotus Symphony 1.3 (and what will wait until Notes 8.5.1)

May 28 2009

Ed Brill and Stuart McIntyre both covered this video earlier this week, which reveals the following new features in Lotus Symphony 1.3: Support for reading Office 2007 file formats Support for widgets and Live Text Support for network connection hyperlinks for URI protocols New clip art Enhanced animation effects in Symphony Presentations Improved DataPilot functionality in Symphony Spreadsheets The ability to create and print envelopes, and enhancements to outline-level numbering styles in Symphony Documents One of the things that will not be included with Lotus Symphony 1.3 is the new LSX Toolkit which will bring LotusScript and Java abstraction to the UNO API that Lotus Symphony (and of course use. This will allow Notes developers to automate Symphony without having to go thru COM or OLE abstraction. The toolkit will be delivered with Notes 8.5.1 later this year, which will also include Symphony 1.3. Just a bit longer to wait for that feature. I have had a c

So IBM thinks it is important that all the LotusScript Developers transition to Java ... where is IBM Education?

September 8 2008

So Bob Balaban did some blogging this weekend on the transition of LotusScript developers to Java and Nathan Freeman blogged about some nuggets around Java and the Notes UI and Front End classes. While the complete message of what is coming is not anything that those of us in the Design Partner can communicate (I just wish IBM would blog/discuss this publically). The path that will come to a head with the final release of 8.5 (that is a guess, it could be 8.5.1 or later) should not surprise anyone and is a long time coming. It should put the Java and LotusScript developers on equal footing. The problem here is that while IBM has gone out of it's way to preach why Java is so great AND that LotusScript is not going away, IBM has not giving us the tools to educate the typical LotusScript developer. Why has IBM Education not come out with courses and materials to help the LotusScript developer, who typically has no hard-core development background, move to Java? This has to come from IBM