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May 25 2009

Now that a short version of the meeting minutes from the first Steering Committee meeting have been posted, I can talk a bit about this. I have been elected to be the chair of the working group - but what does that mean? So a couple of quick explanations. Work Groups are created by the Steering Committee so that topics can be discussed. The Working Group will then bring resolutions to the Steering Committee for a vote. If the vote passes, the Technical Committee will be asked to implement the resolution or whatever action needs to take place if it is not a technical item. We have two working groups right now - Intellectual Property (IP) and Strategy. There will be a blog post about what the IP Working Group is going to cover first - and how - on the blog later this week - but expect a conference call with presentation sometime the week of June 1st. As you can see in the brief meeting minutes, anyone who is a registered user of has contributed to