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Lotus User Group Virtual User Group Meeting - Real World Integration - Slides and Demo dbs

January 14 2009

Here are the slides and the demo files for the Virtual User Group meeting that took place today on the Real World Integration topic. We had over 150 people attend and had some great questions. Slides Virtual User Group Meeting - The Real World IntegrationView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: integra4notes) Download the demo database There will be a replay available sometime tomorrow. Alex and I will answer the questions we could not get to in the moderated forum. Thanks for attending!

Integra Thought of the Week - Centralizing your Business Application Reporting

August 4 2008

As I was demonstrating Integra to a couple of potential clients the past couple weeks, I have been seeing a greater demand for a centralized business application reporting solution. Customers want more and more reporting for their applications. What they do not want is multiple reporting applications or reporting functionality that is located all over the back office. One of the many advantages of the Integra solution is that all of your reports for the Notes and Domino platform live in a single place. You can even build reports that work on other platforms using the Integra framework. All of this reporting is stored in the Integra application on a Domino server and has no impact to any of the applications it reports on. I am going to be putting together a couple of blog entries on the impact of business reporting when your Notes clients and Domino servers go thru the upgrade process. Look at those over the next couple of weeks. For more information about Integra for Notes and

Integra Thought of the Week - Integra Quick Reports Feature Preview

July 28 2008

With the release of Integra Quick Reports 4.6, users in the Notes client got a whole new level of ad hoc reporting functionality with the addition of virtual fields. Today, I am pleased to preview that an upcoming release of Integra will bring the virtual fields and the link functionality to the web version of Integra Quick Reports. Here are some screen shots of the functionality Integra Quick Reports on the web with a Virtual Field being used in the Form field list Integra Quickr Reports on the web showing the Field Link (@DBLookup for the end user) Integra customers under maintenance will get these great features in an upcoming release. I will post more details as they become available! For more information about Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports, please visit Those that wish to learn more about Integra version 4.6, visit the upgrade page at As the US Premier Partner for Integra, PSC has a dedicated section

Integra Thought of the Week - Integra at Admin 2008 makes The Malta Times

July 21 2008

Integra made The Malta Times with a picture of the booth at Admin 2008. You can next see Integra at UKLUG in September! For more information about Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports, please visit Those that wish to learn more about Integra version 4.6, visit the upgrade page at As the US Premier Partner for Integra, PSC has a dedicated section of our website for all things Integra. This includes our Integra Quickstart Offering and Integra Report Writing Packages. You can also read my white paper on Off-the-shelf or Custom Development and the value of Frameworks.

Integra Thought of the Week - Why Virtual Fields changes ad hoc reporting in Notes for the better

July 7 2008

With the shipping of Integra Quick Reports 4.6, end users will see a big change when doing ad hoc reporting. Instead of seeing a listing of fields that mean nothing to the end user, they get a listing of fields in plain English. So what does this really mean? Most developers build field names that mean something to them. For instance, we use a prefix on a field name for the form or function. I have seen so many field names that are along the lines of "fldSFWF_01" or "coAdd01_City". Can we really expect the end user to figure out what those mean? Virtual Fields in Integra Quick Reports 4.6 solves this problem. A field mapping for each form can be created, which will replace the real field names with a more end user friendly label. So instead of "coAdd01_City" the end user sees "Company Address - City". The real power in Virtual Fields comes from the ability to apply reader and author fields to the Virtual Fields mapping documents. You can have different mappings for the same for

Integra Thought of the Week - Integra for Domino Administrators

May 6 2008

Most of the time when I talk about Integra, I talk about the reporting and office integration with Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports functionality. At The View Admin 2008 / Lotus Developer 2008, Integra had a booth that I was pleased to help with. Talking with many of the administrators there, they really loved the Integra for Domino Administrators product. Integra for Domino Administrators focuses on providing pre-made reports for Domino Administrator, allowing them to anyalze and report on their Domino infrastructure inside Microsoft Excel. It allows the administrator the ability to chart performance, statistics, and provide information to others in a graphical format. Available reports include: Access Control settings – audit ACL settings of users or groups across databases. Derive effective ACL rights of users and/or groups considering the user's membership in groups including nesting of groups. Identify orphaned ACL entries in databases for users or groups no lon

Integra Thought of the Week: Integra Quick Reports brings Ad-Hoc reporting to Notes and Domino

March 24 2008

One of the things that I notice impresses people about Integra is that provides a tool for all Notes and Domino users, including the typical user. Integra Quick Reports provides an ad-hoc reporting tool for any Notes user on any Notes application. The user gets a 4 step Wizard which walks them thru building the report. The wizard allows them to select fields from a view or any form and add them to the report. They can even do a look-up to another view or database without having to understand what a @DBLookup is! but your a web user ... Integra Quick Reports has you covered there as well! Coming this year, users will get masked field names instead of the original field names to make their experience better. I love showing Quick Reports off to folks. They love how a complete report can be built by any user. When you show them the Sorting and Grouping - Step 2 of the Quick Report Wizard. They get very excited! Yes, that is a single check box to create a Pivot Table and a Chart!

Integra for Notes Personal Edition Announced ... FREE

January 16 2008

The word is out, and I am happy to be able to blog about the forthcoming Integra for Notes Personal Edition. Here are the details: Integra for Notes Personal Edition is a free version of Integra which allows users to generate the following from their Lotus Notes personal address book contacts: mail merge letters to Microsoft Word View Video of Mail Merge Letter e-mailshots to Notes mail labels to Microsoft Word View Video of Labels export to Excel of contact detailsIntegra Personal Edition ships with a number of ready made letters and label formats as well as reports while also allowing the user to create their own mail merge letters, labels and Excel reports. These reports also allow users to simply create Excel pivot tables, graphs etc. from their personal address book contacts. Integra Personal Edition contains the functionality of both the Integra for Notes product, used for predefined reporting, as well as the Integra Quick Reports product, used for ad-hoc reporting