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Integra Thought of the Week: Integra Quick Reports brings Ad-Hoc reporting to Notes and Domino

March 24 2008

One of the things that I notice impresses people about Integra is that provides a tool for all Notes and Domino users, including the typical user. Integra Quick Reports provides an ad-hoc reporting tool for any Notes user on any Notes application. The user gets a 4 step Wizard which walks them thru building the report. The wizard allows them to select fields from a view or any form and add them to the report. They can even do a look-up to another view or database without having to understand what a @DBLookup is! but your a web user ... Integra Quick Reports has you covered there as well! Coming this year, users will get masked field names instead of the original field names to make their experience better. I love showing Quick Reports off to folks. They love how a complete report can be built by any user. When you show them the Sorting and Grouping - Step 2 of the Quick Report Wizard. They get very excited! Yes, that is a single check box to create a Pivot Table and a Chart!