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Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 - Presentations "Hello World"

February 26 2009

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 1. Introduction to UNO Development and Documents/Writer "Hello World" 2. Spreadsheets"Hello World" 3. Presentations "Hello World" Last time, I covered the basics of UNO Development and walked you thru a "Hello World" application for Writer and Lotus Symphony Documents. This blog entry will cover an introduction to Impress and Lotus Symphony Presentations. Introduction to Lotus Symphony Presentations In both Impress and Symphony Presentations, you work with presentations. From there, you work with slides / pages. On each of those slides / pages, you have shapes. The shapes contain text, graphics, or the other data on your slides. Once you navigate to the shape, you get a text handle to the text object and everything else is much like working with text in Symphony Documents or Writer. Let’s Start Lotus Symphony Presentations To create the instance of Impress / Lotus SYmphony Presentations, call its URL Set I