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How do we make IdeaJam have a bigger impact?

February 13 2008

Before I go into my thought here, I want to be clear. I love IdeaJam. Bruce, Matt, and Sean have built a wonderful tool. PSC is damn proud to host it and I have nothing to say but praise for the site. I am so happy that Bruce has found a market for the solution. Alex and I talked about IdeaJam in every session we gave at Lotusphere. I have turned customers and IBMers on to the site. I support IdeaJam 1000000%. This is not a negative comment about the site in any manner. Can I be more clear? One of the things I have been thinking about since Lotusphere is how we can take the impact the community makes on IBM at Lotusphere and figure out how we can do that the other 51 weeks of the year. Here are some of my thoughts. My goal here is to brainstorm. IdeaJam has given many people hope of a collaborative environment. My question is, does a post on IdeaJam really have enough weight to make an impact on average. Sure, Mary Beth and Bob and others have said they read and follow IdeaJam. Bruce