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The #IBMConnect Slide that caused some interesting feedback #free1352

February 11 2014

So in my session with John Beck at IBM Connect 2014 - I put this slide up and just watched the reaction of the room. So I am just going to let this generate some discussion before I post more about it later this week ...

IBM Connect 2014: My take on the OGS

February 3 2014

IBM Connect 2014 is over and many are writing their impressions on the conference. I won't go into rumors or thoughts about the future in my musings, but there are a few things I would like to recap. The first is the Opening General Session, otherwise known as the OGS. Reading the other thoughts on the OGS out there, I realize I am in the minority on my reaction. I thought the OGS was exactly what IBM has been trying to achieve the past few years. I thought it hit the target market very well and the main audience for the OGS - the press and analysts walked away quite happy. The old school, die hard Notes administrator or developer who comes to Connect, or still calls it Lotusphere, is not the target of the OGS. They haven't been for years. Let me explain why I think that and then give a few thoughts on the OGS itself. I was quite lucky to participate in three years of the IBM Connect / Lotusphere blogger program. Besides the great seats at the OGS, we were invited to the press confer

IBM Connect 2014: AD502: The Mobile Disruption: Why XPages Development is Targeting Mobile First

February 3 2014

Speaking at Connect 2014 on brand new content!

November 19 2013

I am once again honored to have the privilege to speak at IBM Connect 2014. I am speaking with John Beck, Business Unit Executive, IBM, but this year we decided to start fresh. Our topic is "he Mobile Disruption - Why XPages Development is Targeting Mobile First." This is an executive / strategy focused session on how mobile is becoming the primary development platform choice. We will look at this topic from the perspective of an XPages platform, but expect IBM MobileFirst, IBM Worklight, and IBM Websphere technologies to show up in the presentation. See everyone in Orlando in January!

Application Modernization with XPages on YouTube

November 11 2013

The section of the IBM Connect 2014 session "AD214: What's Next? Application Modernization Roadmap for Socializing IBM Notes and Domino" that is my section has been posted to Youtube via Social Business User Group. Check it out here:

#IBMConnect sessions by the PSC Group, LLC Team and from many more!

February 11 2013

I wanted to highlight the slides from my fellow PSC Group, LLC co-workers from IBM Connect 2013 (a.k.a. Connectosphere). The best way to do that is highlight the incredible resource Chris Miller a.k.a IdoNotes has put together. You can access the IBM Connect 2013 and Lotusphere Slides database here. From PSC Group, here are our sessions: BP103 jQuery: The World’s Most Popular JavaScript Library Comes to Xpages - Mark Roden BP211 Lessons Learned from the World’s Largest XPage Project - Andrew Barickman and Mark Roden SHOW111 XPages: No Experience Needed - Kathy Brown and David Leedy AD214 What’s Next? Application Modernization Roadmap for Socializing IBM Notes and Domino - John Head and John Beck

#IBMConnect AD214 What’s Next? Application Modernization Roadmap for Socializing IBM Notes & Domino

February 4 2013

Attached are the slides for the session that John Beck and I gave at IBM Connect 2013. AD214 What's Next? Application Modernization Roadmap for Socializing IBM Notes & Domino from John Head

#IBMConnect thoughts and feelings (and the zombie flu)

February 4 2013

I am finally back home in Chicago after ten days in Orlando, FL for what has become my yearly pilgrimage to IBM Connect (formally known as Lotusphere or as I like to call it ConnectoSphere). Every year the conference feels like it takes longer to prepare for, goes by faster, and the zombi flu gets more people sick. I get to see old friends, meet lots of new people, and do so many things that I love to do for myself and as a salesperson at PSC Group, LLC. I find that trying to put my thoughts afterwards into a blog entry both easier and harder every year. Let's see how I do. First, from an employee at PSC Group, this was a stellar year. It was the second year that Andrew was present as the practice manager at the event. Mark and Kathy were both in the first year as part of the PSC team, but not their first Connect/LS.. 4 people, 4 sessions. All of them well attended and getting great verbal reviews. For the first time in many years, one of the PSC partners was also present. This culmi