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IBM SmartCloud for Notes/Domino - You can Purchase a Single License with a Credit Card!

February 4 2013

Last night while chatting about the IBM Connect 2013 conference and some after thoughts, a discussion came up with a person (they can reveal themselves if they want too) about how they probably had to move their email from a on-premises Notes/Domino solution to something else. They didn't want to maintain a Domino server any more. That led into a question on why IBM hasn't made SmartCloud easy for a single person or small company to order with a credit card. I know I spent 18 months talking about this with IBM executives, so I went and looked. First, the URL still works, but the new direct URL is That takes you to this page: Notice the red box. Click that and you get taken to a page to pick your country and language. I haven't tried this for any country but the US and UK, but I believe this works in most countries. Next, you get this page: Look at all those options. 5 bucks a month for email and you can add Traveler and Archive Essentials. The