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Blogging from Enterprise 2.0: Lotus Knows Social Computing Session

June 16 2010

Here is my twitter stream (laptop battery was struggling) from the session that Kevin Cavanaugh and Chris Crummey gave yesterday at Enterprise 2.0: in the IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf with @lbenitez @edbrill @elsua and many more oh @ccrummey on stage with @kevincavanaugh at IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf @ccrummey is demoing Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 at #e2conf - showing off Live Text with @edbrill name - searching connections profiles @ccrummey showing off an IBM templates addin for Lotus Symphony 3 - why this isnt public I have no idea! #lotusknows #e2conf #lotusknows that @ccrummey is showing off Project "Concord" live - first I have seen since Lotusphere2010 #e2conf IBM Project Concord looks great - except for 3 rows of toolbars. edit the UI please :-) IBM Project Concord is about collaborative editing - its not just another web based document editor #e2conf #lotusknows IBM Project Concord has sections that can be assigned and co-authored #e2conf #lotusknows RT lbenitez

Lotusphere 2010 : IBM Project Vulcan and thoughts I have not read elsewhere

January 25 2010

In an effort to not reproduce other thoughts out there, before I go on, here is some great IBM Project Vulcan reading for you: Nathan, Peter, and Volker. I don't agree with everything all three of them said, but they really cover the news that came out. As with Peter and Nathan, I got a chance to attend the 60 minute "Nachos and News" event for bloggers. This year, instead of saving a specific announcement saved for the event (like last year's Traveler for iPhone press release), we got 60 minutes to ask about IBM Project Vulcan. A few thoughts that came from that: IBM Project Vulcan as it is today is not a bunch of screen shots (like IBM used for the Hannover announcement a few years ago). It is actual code. It might not be code you would implement in the real world, but it is code. Those saying that it is not code are the same people who couldn't be bothered to make it to the event. IBM Project Vulcan is really not just about a vision for the Lotus product portfolio. It is more lik