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IBM Connect 2017 highlights the Negative and Emotional Impact of IBM’s Co-Location policy

February 23 2017

The effects of IBM's new co-location policy have hit close to home this week at IBM Connect 2017. I have had numerous IBMers basically say good-bye this week. They either have been given their notice and have no intention of moving, or they see the writing on the wall. Some are even leaving IBM immediately after the conference. It hit me this morning that over two-thirds of the conversations I am having with IBMers this week ends with 'I am interviewing' or 'I will not be moving and leaving sometime before summer.' The thought that the company with the DNA of one the most successful software products ever created to facilitate remote team collaboration is requiring everyone on a team to be in the same home office is almost inconceivable. But when you look at it from a capital expense vs. operating expense, you understand what is going on. I feel like I need to shower every time I realize the facts behind the policy. To all of my IBM friends, whom I have known for years, many decades

Ready to take your Domino Data to the Cloud? Learn how from PSC Group and LDC Via at IBM Connect 2017

February 15 2017

With IBM Connect 2017 just days away, there is going to be lots of talk about the cloud, cognitive, and application modernization. But you don't need to wait for one of the best ways to make your Domino data cloud ready - and modernize your applications. LDC Via offers the best available destination for data, applications, and developers embracing the cloud, regardless if you have a roadmap for Domino inside your organization. As the on-site representative for LDC Via at IBM Connect 2017, PSC is excited to show you the possibilities of your data and the cloud! To learn more, sign up for a meeting using If you are not attending IBM Connect 17, feel free to register and we can talk the week following Connect 17!

Looking to get the most out of IBM Connect 2017? Meet with Kathy Brown & I to talk all things Apps and ICS

February 13 2017

For everyone attending IBM Connect 2017 next week in San Francisco, my coworker Kathy and I would love to sit down and chat with you. For free. Let's talk about what brings you to IBM Connect 2017. Want to talk the future of Notes & Domino and your applications? How to inject cognitive and analytics into your portfolio? Or do you want to talk about how to move your applications to the cloud? We would love to do all that and more. How to setup time with us? That's easy - go to and register. We will reach out and schedule a time. We are also going to be representing LDC Via at the event, but I will be back with another post on Thursday to talk more about that. P.S. not going to Connect 17? You can register and setup a call with us for after the event. Everyone is invited!