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More Love - Firefox Plug-in Review

May 21 2009

My love of keeps growing. I installed the Firefox plug-in today. This is what you get: Links to the applications, the website, dashboard, settings page, and more. But the Capture pieces are what caught my interest. I use for most of my screen capture work - because it is simple and FAST. Click, draw square, click image, click copy to clipboard or save, done. So the first option is pretty straight forward - draw a square, capture. The second gives me the visible section - and I can decide if I want it saved locally, to, or edit it on Aviary directly. Two clicks, done. The last is the entire page with the same save and editing options. While Jing still gives me video and some really quick editing controls, I can see myself using the Aviary capture stuff here quite often. - if your listening - we need a way to do this outside Firefox please! Give me a Windows tray application and I will stop using Jing!

Unbelievable Cool Web Tool -

May 19 2009

Have you heard of - if not, go there now! Why? Aviary is a collection of tools that mimic Photoshop and other graphic tools. It does them on-line with NO INSTALL of anything. There are four tools as of now: They are all of very high quality and interact very well. Build a color palette in Toucan and use it the other three. Things import across without any issue or loss. There are some features missing if you do a head to head comparison with a jugernaut like Photoshop - but this is just the beginning. Not only is Aviary about the tools, but it has the storage and social networking pieces you would expect. You can save your images directly to the site. You can view other people's work and see activity for everyone or what is popular. Just like other popular social networks, you can invite your friends and connect. So you can see what everyone you know is creating and liking. On top of all of that, there are currently 66 tutorials - and these are very wel

Symphony Thursday: New Clip Art and Clip Art Collections on the Lotus Symphony Gallery

April 23 2009

This post is from the Notes Design Blog, by Mary Beth Raven: You can browse and download brand new Symphony clip art from the Gallery section of the Lotus Symphony website. From the Gallery, there are two ways you can download clip art, as shown in the figure below.: 1. "All In One" download: This is the most efficient way. You select your favorite category and then download the whole set of images. For example, if you want to download all of the "Bullet" icons, just click the "Bullets All In One", then from the details page, click "Download now" to get a .zip file (you need to unzip the file later). 2. "One By One" download: You can also browse individual clip art images and select your favorite ones to download one at a time. After you download them, just follow these steps to add them into the clip art gallery. 1. Open the clip art gallery dialog (main menu entry: Tools Gallery). 2. Click the "New Themes..." button, and you will see a pop up dialog. 3. Click