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More IBM Press Release Coverage and a discussion w/ Caleb Barlow and Ed Brill

June 4 2009

First, here are the final versions of the press releases that IBM put out today: Companies Choosing Lotus Collaboration to Work Smarter and Lower Costs & 200+ Microsoft Partners Per Month Flocking to Sell IBM Lotus Foundations Second, there was an interview conference call with Caleb Bralow and Ed Brill for the Lotus Blogger program earlier today. Here are some thoughts based on that discussion: Foundations: Caleb Barlow: "Lotus Foundations is a change in business strategy in competing with Microsoft Small Business Server." Some people in the press have asked "Can IBM build a channel for the SMB market?" most of these customers have not purchased from IBM for many years New partners that are traditionally Microsoft partners More often than not, these new clients are a competitive replacement. Microsoft has created this situation, artificial licensing and platform decisions based on number of users. Relationship of buyer and seller is changing. partners moving to a

We asked for IBM to get more serious with competitive marketing ... Lotus Foundations Partner & Lotus Software Competitive Win news

June 4 2009

The Lotus Community has been asking IBM to get more serious about its marketing this year - and it seems IBM is listening. A change in attitude is what we asked for, and it seems we are getting it. Today, IBM is making two announcements: 1. IBM is announcing that signed up 1000 Microsoft Business Partners to sell Lotus Foundations. ARMONK, N.Y. -- June 4, 2009 -- Facing waning demand for Microsoft products, more than 1,000 Microsoft Business Partners have already signed up to sell IBM Lotus Foundations ( "office-in-a-box" appliance for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the first five months of 2009. According to Microsoft Business Partners, sales of Microsoft's Small Business Server (SBS) software bundle have stagnated due to lack of innovation and partner dissatisfaction with their inability to add solutions and services. Microsoft partners are looking for an alternative that provides SMBs with more collaboration computing power for less