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My social media breakthrough: How my father’s passing shaped my feelings on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

July 8 2011

As I process everything that has happened in June, I am starting to pick out a few lessons learned that I can remember and apply to my life. One of those lessons is around social media engagement. It just happens that I identified the lesson just as Google Plus was launching. Actually, the first 48 hours of my usage of Google Plus really hammered it home. Let me explain. On June 1st, the day my father has his heart attack, I posted a single note on Twitter about it. That posting made it to Facebook (because I auto-populate my tweets to Facebook). My uncle, while I was in the air, posted a note to my father's Facebook page directly. I didn't do anything else until I tweeted he passed, which also went to Facebook. I then wrote the blog entry and it made it's way to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and all of the other social networks I barely use (Buzz, FriendFeed, etc). I then posted that blog entry on my Dad's page. Outside of Facebook, Twitter, and that blog entry, the only other communi

Lotus - Integrating with Web 2.0 in Lotus Connections is just the tip of the iceberg

February 16 2008

I would like to ask Lotus to please rewrite their "How we integrate with Web 2.0" strategy. The current one sucks. Let me explain. Many people have been asking Lotus what they are going to do to fix the fact that none of the public websites in the web 2.0 world support Notes. What do I mean? Let's do a little test: 1. Go to your favorite Web 2.0 site. Pick any. Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, WorldMate Live, You could also try Ticketmaster or LiveNation ... not very Web 2.0 but still frequently used sites. 2. Go to the Invite page. 3. Look for the section where you can import from your address book. They probably will have a Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, and maybe AOL web mail. Ignore that. Look for the corporate email supported. What do you see? I bet you see Outlook. Here is what I found: Facebook: LinkedIn: oh, and look at this ... They have an Outlook Toolbar add-in. Plaxo: WorldMate Live: LiveNation: I could have also selected, Dinin