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Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back

January 4 2009

As we watch the first round of the NFL playoffs this weekend, I figured I would look back at my 2008 year of Fantasy Football. I was in three leagues and had various levels of success. First, there is the PSC League: 5 wins and 8 losses is not a good record. I got hit hard by drafting Tom Brady round 1 and never had a good QB all season. And then the friend's league that has been around for years (I call this my money league it is the one league I put real money into): 8 wins and 8 losses is .500 but I usually do better. I also drafted Tom Brady in my first round (had the first overall pick of the draft) and I got hurt hard on running backs - Willie Parker and Stephen Jackson. Just not my year. Last, in the Geezer Gamer Brigade league, run by John "Greyhawk64" Roling: But that only shows you the final standing, not the results of the playoff ... Yes, I won the GGBFL SuperBowl, beating Declan Lynch. Declan did well to get into the SuperBowl, but this team was a bit