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EditLive for Quickr for Domino goes Beta and upcoming Webinar

October 29 2008

Ephox's EditLive for Quickr for Domino, implemented by PSC, is now in beta! The first implementation replaces the standard rich text editor, powered by Dojo, with EditLive! 6.5 in three places: Quickr Blog: and the custom implementations of the Insert Internal Link, Insert Wikipedia Link, and Insert Internal Image (these were in the Dojo editor) on the Insert menu Quickr Wiki: Quickr Standard Page: Some of the great features you will get with EditLive within Lotus Quickr are: Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word, which converts the pasted text into HTML Track Changes within the same page In-line Spell Check Fully featured tables with drag support for resize A much improved HTML/Code tab for viewing the raw rich text Complete Find and Replace Full Screen Editing of just the Rich Text window Format Painter much more! Ephox is also sponsoring a webinar, given by Warren Elsmore, on about Upgrading to Lotus Quickr. You can register here. For those interest

Ephox pickes PSC to implement EditLive! in Lotus Quickr for Domino

August 5 2008

One of the questions I get from customers and prospects is "We know PSC does quite a bit of Notes and Domino consulting, but do you do any Lotus Quickr work?" The answer is "Yes" we just do not communicate that as well. What makes it hard is most of the work we do is specific customizations for companies looking to implement Lotus Quickr into their business process - it is often hard to get permission to talk or post about that work. So I am excited to be able to reveal that Ephox, the company behind the best-in-class rich text editor EditLive!, selected PSC to help them implement EditLive! within Lotus Quickr for Domino. Here are some screen shots: As you can see, we completely replace the Dojo editor that is native with Lotus Quickr and replace it with the EditLive editor. You get things like in-place spell checking, track changes mode, advanced tables, and drag-and-drop importing from Microsoft Word. When the implementation is complete, we will have the custom buttons that