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Why STEM education matters - The Lumity Story

April 22 2014

I have talked about Lumity before on my blog, but I wanted to share why I think it's mission matters. Here is a great video that we created for our Annual Dinner earlier this month: I am proud to be involved with Lumity as a board member, and helping with the services arm, but the STEM initiative is something I really believe in. My career path was not a straight arrow, and my STEM schooling as a kid really had an impact. I am looking forward to hands-on involvement later this month with a school career fair visit. If you would like to get involved, please contact me. You can also donate here.

The most amazing example of why musical education is so important - Mansfield High School Percussion Ensemble

April 5 2011

Nathan and I were chatting last night mussing about the yellowsphere and I got my daily Google alert for "Dream Theater" - yeah, I know. The first link was to this article - Percussion Ensemble Wins Division Title. I read thru and came to this part of the story:The show was entitled "Goodnight," and featured a dreaming theme. The music in the show featured a medley of songs from progressive metal bands Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment. The band practiced for over six months to perfect the routine. So high school percussion band playing a mix of Dream Theater and LTE. And doing it so well they were winning awards. I had to check this out. So I searched on YouTube and found this: It is seven minutes long but trust me it's worth every second. Talk about being blown away. Interpretive dance from the cymbalists? A drum core that can do marching patterns like no college band I have seen. A guitarist and bass player who were right on target with some of the hardest guitar and

So IBM thinks it is important that all the LotusScript Developers transition to Java ... where is IBM Education?

September 8 2008

So Bob Balaban did some blogging this weekend on the transition of LotusScript developers to Java and Nathan Freeman blogged about some nuggets around Java and the Notes UI and Front End classes. While the complete message of what is coming is not anything that those of us in the Design Partner can communicate (I just wish IBM would blog/discuss this publically). The path that will come to a head with the final release of 8.5 (that is a guess, it could be 8.5.1 or later) should not surprise anyone and is a long time coming. It should put the Java and LotusScript developers on equal footing. The problem here is that while IBM has gone out of it's way to preach why Java is so great AND that LotusScript is not going away, IBM has not giving us the tools to educate the typical LotusScript developer. Why has IBM Education not come out with courses and materials to help the LotusScript developer, who typically has no hard-core development background, move to Java? This has to come from IBM