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Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Symphony Architecture - Current and Future

February 2 2010

At the Lotusphere 2010 session "AD207 IBM Lotus Symphony Technical Overview", Yue MA and Erik MA talked about the architecture of Lotus Symphony. I thought the following three slides were great for illustrating how Lotus Symphony is architected and sheds some light on what is coming with Lotus Symphony 3 aka Vienna. Here is the current architecture of Lotus Symphony 1.X: As you can see, Symphony 1.X is derived from 1.1 code. IBM uses the Louts Expeditor toolkit to provide functionality and then has custom code for The user interface and other services. The Symphony Toolkit API sits on top of both of these to provide Java, LotusScript, and Composite Application support. Here is the architecture for Lotus Symphony 3.X: Let;s look at the major changes: First, Lotus Symphony is based on the 3.X code base (insert applause here) Second, we get a VBA run-time added to the architecture stack There has also been a reworking of the Toolkit API's and how