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A DDE tip or two from someone who has been using it for 8 months

February 10 2009

So based on a couple of conversations that I have had the past 48 hours, I wanted to pass along a few tips that I have. I started using DDE full time on both a client project and XPages development right around the XPages Training that took place for Design Partners in Cambridge in June 2008. Tip 1: Work Locally Unless you absolutely have too, work locally. Either in a database or a template. Working locally will drastically speed things up Tip 2: Recompile your application if a version of Designer before 8.5 has done any touching of a design element If you have to mix versions of Designer when working on a database, do a Recompile of database before using DDE. It will clean up and convert all the design elements to the 8.5 version and any glitches DDE might have with older version design elements will not hurt you Tip 3: If you are doing fancy C API calls or multiple levels (like more than 5) of script library nesting with LotusScript, DDE might not behave nice. Fall back to 8.0