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Symphony Thursday : Developer 101 - Introduction to UNO Development and Documents/Writer "Hello World"

February 5 2009

This is the first of the Symphony Thursday developer articles. In this post, we will cover the introduction to UNO development, a bit of history, and our first "Hello World" application. Introduction to Development Designed on an interface-based component model called Universal Network Objects (UNO) UNO definition UNO offers interoperability between different programming languages, different object models, different machine architectures, and different processes; either in a local network or even via the Internet UNO components can be implemented in, and accessed from, any programming language for which a UNO language binding exists StarOffice? Lotus Symphony? StarDivision StarOffice written in the mid 80s Bought by Sun Microsystems in 1999, StarOffice released in August 1999 Source code released October 2000 1.0 released May 2002, 2.0 in October 2005 OpenDocument format becomes international standard ISO/IEC 26300 November 20