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Microsoft Document Interop Initative Workshop on OOXML - Thoughts

November 2 2008

Thoughts on the workshop The DII (Document Interop Initiative website - Presentations by the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Teams on what they are doing with OOXML and testing going forward. No specific mention of Office 14 features or support Microsoft wants to created testing documents that everyone can test with their implementations of OOXML Microsoft seems far more interested in supporting both OOXML and ODF than anyone else out there. It seems most vendors are picking one file format or the other. Microsoft wants to continue to let OOXML to grow for their internal use but are very interesting in making sure ODF interop works as well. Nice change from what I have seen from Microsoft in the past Microsoft employees are trained very well to not talk about anything that is not public knowledge. Now, the DII Workshop was not covered by any NDA's, so I understand. But even in back channel discussions I could barely get timeframes and versions out

PSC’s Presentation from the DII Workshop this past week @ Microsoft

October 26 2008

Here are the slides from the PSC presentation at the Microsoft DII Workshop on OOXML from this past week PSC & OOMXLView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: psc ooxml)

DII Workshop around OOXML starts today in Redmond

October 23 2008

I am back in Redmond, WA this week for the DII Workshop on OOXML. What is great is that this time, I have two other PSC folks with me. David Munaretto, Vice President of Microsoft Services and Andrew Schwantes, OOXML Technical Champion. We are here to listen, learn, and talk about our Case Study around PowerPoint and OOXML. I am betting that this one will be as much fun as the ODF one I attended this summer. I wonder who will attend? :)