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Part One of the Domino.Doc Redbook is complete

March 20 2009

So today marks the completion of the first phase of the Domino.Doc Redbook. The team is leaving after three weeks in Cambridge, MA and it is a bit sad. We have bonded - well, you have too after being in the same conference room together for three weeks. We have lots of work to do still - a couple weeks of writing and testing at the minimum. We will do that remotely and interact via IM, Email, and our team room. I have lots more to share but I need to decompress a bit. I had an amazing time with the team - thanks to all of them for the experience! And yes, the margaritas were flowing last night (if you watched the twitter or facebook streams) :-)

Week 2 of the Domino.Doc Migration Redbook & poll wrap-ups

March 9 2009

Week 2 of the IBM Redbook that focuses on the termination of Domino.Doc and their migration path is in process. Last week was all about planning and strategizing. The team organized our outline and built our multiple scenarios for how we think the Domino.Doc customers will be segmented. We met with the Quickr team to talk about our thought process and talk about the future of Quickr. We also started getting our head around the IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and how they fit into the picture. This week is about chapter assignments and starting the writing process. We are also having more meetings as we get into the specifics of Collaborative Document Management, Robust / Enterprise Document Management, and much more. Hard for me to talk more about stuff - but I am working on getting an official voice from IBM who can talk about all of this on-line and blogging very soon. Thank you to everyone who answered the polls. The good news is that I did not see anything that

Poll for Domino Document Manager / Domino.Doc customers - why are you not using Lotus Quickr as a replacement?

March 5 2009

I would like to generate some feedback on why more DDM / Domino.Doc customers have not moved to Lotus Quickr. With the withdrawal of the product announced this year at Lotusphere, all DDM / Domino.Doc customers have a full entitlement for Lotus Quickr licenses. Are you looking to migrate to Lotus Quickr? Are IBM FileNet or Content Manager on your radar? Are you looking at competitor products? This is an open-ended thread - post whatever you want. Just be constructive. No pure complaints please - you need to suggest ideas on how to fix it. Like the other two polls, I will reserve my thoughts on this until Monday. This feedback is not just for me or the Lotus bubble, but will be used for the DomDoc Redbook and the feedback will go directly to the Lotus Quickr team. No promises they do anything about it, but I have an opportunity to deliver the message directly.

The IBM Document Management Story & the Domino.Doc Redbook

March 4 2009

For the first week of the Domino Document Manager (Domino.Doc) Redbook, the focus is on getting our hands around a few things. First, we have defined a goal for the Redbook and an outline. Because the move off of Domino.Doc has so many variables, this will not be just a technical redbook. The first section will have an Executive Overview and focus on the business issues. We are building scenarios and customer profiles on the current customer types that use Domino.Doc. From those, we will make recommendations on what to do - both in recommending a new software solution, but also in how to manage the cultural and business process issues. I am really happy that the entire team agrees with this approach. I believe this redbook is going to have real value to a CIO as well as for the developer and administrator. This week also finds us reviewing the IBM story on document and content management. There are so many options. The good news is that about the time this redbook comes out (May/June