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My humble suggestion to the IBM PM team: Please do XPages RDBMS before DDE for Mac

February 21 2011

Ed has continued the discussion about Domino Designer on (DDE) on a Mac today. He talks about how he is convinced it needs to be done, but asks at what cost? What gets left off the to-do list in place? There is some chatter about server work vs. DDE Mac. While I have never been part of the IBM triage process for deciding what goes in a release, from what I have heard, observed, and been told, there is usually a bucket for server, client, and DDE/Development. So I am going to go with the assumption that DDE for Mac and Domino Server improvements are different groups and won't compete with each other for resources. So while I talked about DDE for Mac last week, I must say to all those at IBM listening, I would give up any further DDE platform support for RDBMS support. Allowing XPages to connect directly to JDBC or other third-party relational systems would be a major boon for the platform. XPages has the ability to become the middleware development platform for collaboratio

To all the DDE on Mac supporters, a few thoughts

February 15 2011

So there seems to be a meme today for the Lotus bubble to ask IBM to make Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE) work on the Apple Mac OS. I have no horse in this fight, but a few thoughts. 1. Be exact in what you are asking for Are you really asking for DDE to come to the Mac OS? The entire thing? Or are you OK with an XPages only IDE for the Mac? Think long and hard about what your asking for and be very specific. Being too generic and broad in the request will likely prevent this from happening. Why? Because DDE or Designer didn't come to any platform in a single release given all the current features. Create a DDE on Mac 1.0 feature and requirement list. Can you live with English only on an English only Mac OS release? Only the latest 10.X instead of support for all current supported Mac OS versions? Be surgical in what your willing to have come in a later version. 2. Do you really know what it takes for DDE to come to the Mac? Has anyone done the work to figure out what the effort e

A DDE tip or two from someone who has been using it for 8 months

February 10 2009

So based on a couple of conversations that I have had the past 48 hours, I wanted to pass along a few tips that I have. I started using DDE full time on both a client project and XPages development right around the XPages Training that took place for Design Partners in Cambridge in June 2008. Tip 1: Work Locally Unless you absolutely have too, work locally. Either in a database or a template. Working locally will drastically speed things up Tip 2: Recompile your application if a version of Designer before 8.5 has done any touching of a design element If you have to mix versions of Designer when working on a database, do a Recompile of database before using DDE. It will clean up and convert all the design elements to the 8.5 version and any glitches DDE might have with older version design elements will not hurt you Tip 3: If you are doing fancy C API calls or multiple levels (like more than 5) of script library nesting with LotusScript, DDE might not behave nice. Fall back to 8.0

IBM - XPages puts more pressure on ...

June 20 2008

This is an open comment to IBM ... After seeing XPages kick major ass in Westford this week, IBM has some work to do. First, they need to get the LotusScript editor done in DDE. They know this, and I trust it will get done and in a reasonable time. But with the sex appeal of XPages, people doing anything with LotusScript are going to be jealous. They need to see that their toolset is expanding. The pressure is on to make this rock. Second, DXL round-trip import and export is even more important. At least for the design element side. DXL is going to be an important part of our toolkit when it comes to making XPages apps that get resold by the BP and ISV community. Last, the moment that XPages works in the client, the explosion of XPages applications will begin. And, it will help protect the Notes mail shops in ways like never before. If they do it right, it could also be the push to make Composite Applications and Expeditor apps really take off. IBM has done outstanding work taking