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Lotus Quickr Connectors - IBM it’s time to take these seriously

October 4 2010

Now that IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 has shipped, it is time for a bit of commentary on the Lotus Quickr Connectors. I covered the Quickr 8.5 release in these posts last month. For many users, their main interaction with IBM Lotus Quickr is thru the Lotus Quickr Connectors. The Connectors install on your (windows) machine and allow you to interact directly with places. The connectors allow the Lotus Notes client to save files from emails directly to Quickr. They allow users to have a plug-in for direct access to the files without using the web interface. Lotus Quickr Connector Toolbar in the Notes client Lotus Quickr Connector Sidebar Plug-in in the Notes client The Lotus Quickr Connectors also integrate with Lotus Symphony (both the embedded version with the Notes client and the stand alone install). Lotus Quickr Connector Plug-in for the embedded version of Lotus Symphony The Lotus Quickr Connectors plug-in for Lotus Sametime Stand-alone client The Lotus Quickr Conne