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E3 Wrap-up

June 5 2009

So here is an E3 wrap-up linkfest: Microsoft Live Project Natal Demos and Lionhead's Virtual Child Sony Gran Turismo PSP Trailer Promotes PSP Go Gran Turismo 5 Trailer: Zooming Lovely Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Screenshots: Big Boss's Box Nintendo Red Steel 2 Gameplay Walkthrough New Super Mario Bros. Wii Hands-on Preview Other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up Trailer, Turtles in Time Screenshot Assassin's Creed 2 Trailer Shows Gameplay A Tekken 6 Trio of Trailers Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Trailer Mixes It Up Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trailer Makes It So Metal Gear Solid: Rising Trailer: Lightning Bolt Action Saboteur Screenshots Sneak up, Shoot out Homefront Media Shows You The Action Most people would tell you that this is the best E3 in many years. Lots of great news, announcements, and buzz going on.

E3 Day 0 - Highlights

June 1 2009

So if you are not following my Twitter Stream where I covered Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences, here is an overview of the announcements: Microsoft Halo 3: ODST Trailer, shipping 9/22 Halo: Reach Teaser Trailer Metal Gear Rising coming to the Xbox 360 Netflix Improvements coming: 1080p streaming, on console que management Facebook and Twitter coming to Xbox 360 Live Alan Wake coming in 2010 Left4Dead2 coming 11/17 Project Natal brings motion gaming - without a device Xbox gets Epic exclusive Shadow Complex Final Fantasy coming Spring 2010 Rock Band: Beatles trailer Modern Warefare 2 (sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) - 2 maps hitting Xbox 360 first EA EA launching a MMA game Dante's Inferno Trailer Crysis 2 Announced and trailer Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Trailer - better than the prequels put togehter Ubisoft Working with James Cameron on Avatar movie and game Working with Pele on World of Champions: Football (soccer) Tom Clancey's Splinter Cell: Convictio

Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) Starts Tuesday - Gaming News Galore On It’s Way

May 29 2009

So for those who do not know by now, my second love around technology is computer gaming. Not just playing of said games, but of the design and development of them. So one of my favorite times of the year is during E3. Basically the largest computer game conference of the year, we will get game announcements from all of the console companies - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. We will also see all of the publishers announce their slate for this coming holiday season and into 2010. I am expecting a bigger E3 this year in terms of announcements than last year - last year was mostly a bust. If you want to keep up with what I am reading about next week, I am going to use my twitter account to publish the stories that interest me. I have a great firefox plug-in that allows me to highlight any headline on a page - and with a single click, post that headline and tinyurl. Very easy to use. I will probably do one wrap-up blog next Friday to cover the highlights. Some predictions: 1. Microsoft w

Time for another review ... Puzzle Quest: The Challenge of the Warlords

February 14 2008

I have not done a review in a while, so I figured I would talk about my favorite new game. Puzzle Quest: The Challenge of the Warlords might be the best game I have played in years. Here is something about the game, how you can play it, and why it rocks: About Puzzle Quest: Here is the official word on the game: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is a brand new, genre-bending title that ups the ante on traditional puzzle games by incorporating strategy, role-playing elements and a persistent storyline. Set in the Warlords universe, the game challenges players to save the land of Etheria from evil Lord Bane as gamers engage in battles fought by means of competitive, head-to-head "match-three" style puzzle games in one of three gameplay modes: Single-player, Instant Action or Multiplayer. Victory will advance a player's customisable hero, magical arsenal, creature companions and more—ultimately rewarding gamers at nearly every turn and deepening their immersion into the richly

Blizzard Entertainment is worth a billion or so ...

January 30 2008

Not sure what more to say except this ... Vivendi Entertainment annouced their numbers today. Blizzard Entertainment, just one of the subsidiaries of Vivendi, made $814 Euros (1.2 Billion US) in 2007. We are all in the wrong business. Damn.

Happy 14th Birthday DOOM

December 10 2007

Man, just reading that headline makes me feel old ... Doomworld has a mini celebration going on. I so want to go kick some Cacodemon butt tonight.

I will never buy another Eidos game again ...

November 29 2007

Here is the story from Shack News: Report: GameSpot's Gerstmann Fired Due to Negative Kane & Lynch Review by Chris Remo Nov 29, 2007 9:14pm CST Rumors have been swirling today that Jeff Gerstmann, executive editor at CNET-owned major video game site GameSpot, was fired after giving a generally unimpressed review of Io Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Gerstmann awarded the game a 6.0. (Though Shacknews does not score its reviews, our own Kane & Lynch review was similar in its verdict.) According to the reports, the layoff came after Kane & Lynch publisher Eidos took issue with the review and threatened to pull its considerable ad contract. GameSpot's front page is currently almost entirely re-skinned with Kane & Lynch imagery. The rumor began bouncing around various industry circles over the past day, and this evening was reported by Kotaku. Popular webcomic Penny Arcade posted a strip about the alleged incident tonight, outside of its normal publishing sched

Halo3 Sells in September ... in Truckloads!

October 19 2007

So, here are the Computer Game sales for September 2007: 1. Halo 3 (Bungie, Microsoft Game Studios, X360) - 3,256,082 2. Wii Play with Wii Remote (Nintendo, Wii) - 282,000 3. The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo, NDS) - 224,000 4. Madden NFL 08 (EA Tiburon, EA Sports, PS2) - 205,000 5. Skate (EA Black Box, EA Games, X360) - 175,000 6. Madden NFL 08 (EA Tiburon, EA Sports, X360) - 173,000 7. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Retro Studios, Nintendo, Wii) - 167,000 8. BioShock (2K Boston/2K Australia, 2K Games, X360) - 150,000 9. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day (Nintendo, NDS) - 141,000 10. Heavenly Sword (Ninja Theory, SCEE, PS3) - 139,000 Holy crap! So more info: Each version actually sold more on its own that any game in September, with the standard $59.99 edition's 2,367,795 leading, followed by the $69.99 collector's edition with 511,437, and the $129.99 Spartan helmet-incl

Who wants a free copy of Half-Life 2 and HL2: Episode One?

October 18 2007

So, here is the offer ... when I purchased The Orange Box, which includes Half-Life 2 Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal, Steam automatically noticed that I already purchased Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2 Episode 1. So, Valve let's me gift both of these. So, the first person to contact me (and get hold of me) who wants them, can have them for free. Here are the details: 1. You have to install Steam and register an account. Their rules, not mine. 2. That Steam account has to be a US account. If you can register a US account outside the country, go for it. Otherwise it is your issue 3. Windows only 4. You do not get the rest of the Orange Box ... just HL2 and HL2 Episode 1. Who wants it?

Halo 3 arrives ... Master Chief is ready to take over the world

September 25 2007

Today marks the release of what will be the best selling game for this holiday season ... even if the game was released well before Thanksgiving. Halo 3, the third and 'final' chapter of the struggle of Master Chief vs. the Covenant, hit stores today. With over 1 million pre orders, expect everyone to be playing this. There is so much press today on Halo 3 over at IGN and Shacknews, so I am gonna give my initial review. First off, this might be the most polished FPS I have ever played. Not the most innovative, or the hardest, or the prettiest, or the longest. But damn is everything there. The story is great, the graphics look killer on a HDTV, and one of the best soundtracks ever make Halo 3 a great experience. Add in 4 player co-op thru the single player campaign, and that just gets it a bonus point. The multi-player game feels great ... finally a native Xbox 360 version of the best multi-player FPS on a console. The matchmaking lounge might be the best in the industry today. They do

Preorder The Orange Box, play Team Fortress 2 ... RIGHT NOW!

September 18 2007

Well, it had to be the day before a business trip ... talk about offering crack to an addict and then telling him he has to leave for a few days. Yes, if you pre purchase The Orange Box on Steam today, you can immediately download Team Fortress 2. OMG ... TF2 is so fun. It is different than TF1 or TFC, but different is not bad. I love it! The polish of the game is out of this world. And the on-line play is super fast. Having played an earlier beta before, this feels more like a release candidate than beta. Nathan, do not even come near this. You will self combust within 60 seconds of playing the spy.

WoW Hacking in Book form

September 12 2007

Curt Stone sent this to me and I thought I would share ... Cool that they are really taking the WoW mod scene seriously .. I have seen mods done in WoW that allow you to do all sorts of cool things, such as organize a raid and play chess. Very cool stuff. Curt, hope you get back your mac :-)

The other side of gaming ... WoW Widows and

September 3 2007

Since today is a holiday for many in the US, it makes sense that there is quite a bit of computer gaming going on today. Be it on a computer, a console, a PDA or cell phone ... people are enjoying the time away from work. As a lifetime gamer and a person connected to many developers of games, I tend to ignore most of the anti-gaming stuff that happens. There are always people for and against anything. For every person that says computer game violence is bad, there are those that will say it is not and claim free speech. For every person who says gaming can help in the workforce, there are counterparts who say it is a waste of time. It is an interesting debate no matter what the specific issue, but computer games seems to polarize people ... I do not talk with very few people who are in the grey space in between. Since the popularization of on-line gaming, and the explosion of games like Everquest a.k.a Evercrack, and World of Warcraft, I have seen more backlash. Not by players .. but

Best Fan Movie Ever ... Halo 3

August 28 2007

I think I found the greatest fan-made movie for a video game. Check out this gritty Halo 3 video ... Silverlight HD version and normal version.

DirectX 10 .. Microsoft has a real problem

August 28 2007

Microsoft has a real problem with DirectX 10. The problem is that the core audience for DirectX 10, gamers, are not upgrading to Microsoft Windows Vista. Since DirectX 10 only works on Vista, games with all the DirectX 10 goodies are not being played, or bought. Gabe Newell, President of Valve (makers of Half-Life, Half-Life 2, and the upcoming Orange Box) discussed this with Heise: According to an online survey by Valve Software, only one in fifty players who access download service Steam has a DirectX 10-compatible graphics card and Windows Vista installed. In an interview with heise online, Gabe Newell, president of Valve Software, said that Microsoft made a terrible mistake releasing DirectX 10 for Vista only and excluding Windows XP. He said this decision affected the whole industry as so far only a very small percentage of players can use DirectX 10. I think it is time for Microsoft to backport DirectX 10 to Windows XP. I feel bad for all my friends in the gaming development w

5 most addicitive computer games of all time

August 24 2007

So MSNBC has an article about the 5 most addicitive computer games ... World of Warcraft Everquest Peggle Doom Tetris I was so addicted to Doom (and Quake) that I basically blew off college. WoW, well, I think readers here already know about my self exile to detox from what is known best as World of CrackCraft.

Casual Gaming done Right!

August 12 2007

I have previously wrote about Casual Gaming and Tower Defense Games, but I am happy to report that I have seen the future of casual gaming! Casual Collective, being built by Paul and Dave, who built so many of those TD games, is a great concept that is being executed very well. Take the basic idea of Tower Defense, add in some scoring and basic matchmaking, and you have an addictive game. As you can see, there are some fun options to the multi-player games. You pick what you want and then start the game. While you still play against the 'creeps' coming across the screen by yourself, you are playing against other plays. Racing to kill the bad guys as fast as you can to get the most points and win. So far, the 'beta' site seems to be playing very well. No issues for me. Nice job guys ... look forward to the next step and more games!

id Software brings on the Rage at QuakeCon

August 4 2007

Lots of news coming out of Quakecon down in Texas this weekend: id's new game is entitled Rage, based on id Tech 5. The game is a new IP with a game world much like Mad Max. Both first-person shooter (FPS) and driving gameplay will be part of the game. You can watch the game trailer here or download the HD version here. Rage current does not have a publisher Rage will come out for PC, Mac, XBox 360, and PS3 Raven Software is working on a new Wolfenstein game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will be in stores on 10/2/2007 The movies based on the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction, Silent Hill, Beowolf) will direct and write, with production handled by Samual Hadida (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Good Night and Good Luck) id annouced Quake Arena Arcade for the Xbox 360. This will be a new version of Quake 3 Arena built for play on-line via Xbox Live. No ship date was annouced For the first time ever, id Software will be working on two games at once. They are building

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Witch King annouced

August 3 2007

There it is .. Blizzard has officially annouced the next World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Witch King. Expect to spend lots of time on a new continent, Northend, and fight lots of baddies in the cold. The zone will allow you to level to 80 and should pit you against Arthas, the Witch King, in the biggest raid of the zone. There is also the first Hero Class, the Death Knight. Check out the site here for more info and to watch the trailer. Man, this might get me excited to get back into WoW full time. Nathan Freeman is right ... they should rename WoW "black tar heroin" ... or just call it WoW: Crack!

oday is Monday, July 30, the 211th day of 2007. There are 154 days left in the year.

July 30 2007

There Are: 1 day until Babylon 5: Lost Tales - 1 day until 300 on HD-DVD / Blueray - 1 day until Shaun of the Dead on HD-DVD - 1 day until Hot Fuzz on DVD - 3 days until Quakecon 2007 - 4 days until The Bourne Ultimatum - 5 days until SIGGRAPH - 11 days until Survivor Man Season 2 - 15 days until Lair for the PS3 - 20 days until Brain Age 2 - 22 days until BioShock - 23 days until Games Convention - 25 days until PAX - 28 days until Metroid Prime 3:

IBM takes gaming seriously

June 24 2007

As most people who read this blog know, I spend a fair amount of time writing about games. Games I like to play, game news, game info, game pictures, etc. I love the ability to do something or be someone that you can not do or be. Gaming allows you to experience things that are not possible in the real world. Both positive and negative. As many of you know, I am slowly 'unplugging' myself from the raiding guild lifestyle of World of Warcraft, but I have not stopped playing altogether. I love the game too much. What I could not do any more was the scheduled raiding of 5 or 6 hours a night for multiple nights a week. Too much effort, planning, and coordination mixed with real people's personality and drama just wore me down. It felt more like a job or school than a game. What I find interesting is at the same time I am walking away from my second job, IBM is taking gaming seriously. Not just about hardware (IBM does make the processors for all 3 gaming consoles) or software, but how g

The world of TD Games

June 21 2007

As I slowly unjack myself from the gaming of World of Warcraft ... yes, I need to not plan my life around the raiding schedule of a game ... I find myself looking for games that can play in short moments or while watching TV. Enter the world of the games of TD. Tower Defense, otherwise known as TD, is a gaming style that is as much strategy as shooter. The TD gaming style started with a custom map in Warcraft 3 and Starcraft. The map is designed to send waves of baddies (or creeps) down a fixed path. The waves get progressively harder. If the creeps get to the end, they do damage to your base/castle/etc. When you base hits 0 the game is over. To stop the creeps, you build towers or people. They are in a fixed position and do different things. They can be upgraded over time to be stronger. You get a certain amount of money at the start. For every creep you kill, you get money, and for each successful wave you survive. So what you have is part strategy ... how do I build a mix of tow

Apple WWDC 2007 - Games Invade!

June 11 2007

So today Apple kicked off WWDC07, otherwise known as the World Wide Developers Conference. As usual, Steve kicked it off with one of his presentations. Yes, he introduced the feature set for 10.5 aka Leopard. He also talked about Web 2.0 on the iPhone. We also go Safari for Windows. But more importantly, Steve was joined by lots of gaming news! EA recommitted to the Mac platform and talked about games coming to the Mac. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Madden 08, and Battlefield. John Carmack was on stage to talk about the new id Software engine technology, called id Tech 5, and give a demo. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW I can not find any screenshots, but rumor is that Spaces, the virtual screen feature, was shown with World of Warcraft in one of the screens. I wonder if Steve plays a mage :-) My two favorite images: Read more at Engadget here. Interesting times over at Apple. And I can not wait for E3 to hear about the new id game and engine!

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade - The Black Temple - Patch 2.1.0 is out!

May 22 2007

The first big content patch for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is out! The Black Template Patch - 2.1.0 is Live! Lots and lots of content: The Black Temple patch comprises an astounding array of new content and features, making it the single largest addition to World of Warcraft of any patch to date. The most visible of these new offerings is the eponymous Black Temple, home to Illidan the Betrayer and his minions. The foes within its walls offer a new pinnacle of challenges - and rewards - to dedicated 25-person raid groups. This patch also includes a host of solo and small-group content, with several new quest hubs and associated reputations, each with their own rewards - one of which is the new Netherdrake epic flying mount! In the Black Temple patch you will also find a new arena, Ruins of Lordaeron, as well as access to the new druid epic flight form. Hundreds of balance and bug fixes, including class, item, and profession changes, have also been introduced with the p

Starcraft2: Hell, its about time

May 19 2007

Blizzard announced a new game today, and as many predicted, it is Starcraft2. One of the most popular computer games of all time (it has sold over 9 million copies, with 4 million of those in Korea alone), many fans have been awaiting this game for a long time. I know that I still play the game and the expansion, Brood War, with friends on-line. One of the first games to take Real-Time Strategy and mix a complex story and 3 different races to play, Starcraft2 looks to continue in the vein. From what I can read, this does not look like a revolution but a continuation. No mixture of Massive On-line play like World of Warcraft. This is a continuation of the story and themes. Don't get me wrong, that's amazing ... I just thought Blizzard would use some of that WoW money to innovate. It looks amazing. Check it out at the Starcraft2 home page.

Catan comes to XBox Live!

May 1 2007

One of the best board games of all time, Settlers of Catan, is finally coming to electronic play via XBox Live! Big Huge Games has taken the killer board game created by Klaus Teuber and made a killer on-line version, Catan. You can play with up to 4 people, including over XBox Live. Here is what the game looks like: I can not wait to play this. I hope it does well ... I would love to see some of the expansions added in the future. Here comes on-line play and some achievements! You can purchase it for 800 XBox points ($10). Here is a great interview with BHG as well.

What would you do for an epic flying mount in World of Warcraft?

April 24 2007

I am not sure what to say here ... except it was only a matter of time. If you can buy WoW gold online using cash, this was bound to happen: Yeah, scary world we live in

"I’d would rather game than read a book (and here is why)"

April 10 2007

Yes, I know that title is designed to spark reaction, but it is also the title of a great piece by Vincent King at the Escapist (a great digital magazine that focuses on the gaming industry). It is a great read on why the computer game industry is taking a piece of the pie of entertainment, stealing share from movies, music, and books. Vincent talks about how the immersiveness of a computer game can tell more than book because the user is part of the action. Here is a great piece from the article: The stories in both Heir to the Empire and Knights of the Old Republic are both well-crafted, with clever twists and turns to keep the user on his toes. Yet I find the game more satisfying. Books are limited by what the reader has to draw upon in imagining scenes. Adjectives are subject to diminishing returns. Timothy Zahn, the author of Heir to the Empire, could write 100 adjectives in 100 sentences, and he still wouldn't be able to describe every last pixel in every last corner of a single

Beyond the Red Line - BSG Gaming Demo Release

April 5 2007

This is for fans of Battlestar Galatica, FreeSpace-like flight action games, or anyone who appreicates great work ... The Beyond the Red Line demo has finally be released. What is Beyond the Red Line? It is a free game built on the Freespace 2 engine that pits you into the world of the current BSG tv show on SciFi. Wait, did you say free? Yep. Here is what "free" gets you these days ... Drool!!!! Released for Windows, Mac, and Linux ... yes folks, its multi-platform (like the Notes client :-) ) Here are the details: THE BEYOND THE RED LINE TEAM IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF THE BEYOND THE RED LINE DEMO, AVAILABLE NOW! SPOILER WARNING: The following readme and the game itself contain spoilers for Battlestar Galactica Season 2. If you have not seen the series as far as the the episode "Scar", you might want to avoid playing for the time being. 1 INTRODUCTION We thought we were saved. A week after the Nuclear Holocaust our rag-tag fleet of civilian ships, led by the captai

Lunaris beats Magtheridon

April 3 2007

Another raid boss has been defeated by Lunaris! Sinzar, the Lunaris Raid Commander, writes his thoughts on the fight ... The Magtheridon fight in it's hotfixed state is very enjoyable. It's a bit of a headache to coordinate beforehand as a raid leader with so many things going on at once, but actually doing the fight is a great rush. The tuning I think is right on track. Magtheridon is definitely a step up from current day Gruul, but only a small one. The only problem with Magtheridon is that the fight is so much easier if you stack the raid and pot out with DPS buffs, but the latest update from Tigole tells us that won't be an issue either in the next patch. So what does all the chatter mean? Lunaris is beating content in the BC expansion BEFORE it is considered fixed (for the most part). Some people call that hardcore, some people call that stupid ... to each their own :-)

WoW Patch Day - 2.0.12

April 3 2007

For those that care, today is a patch day for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. While not the patch Tigole talks about, it fixes a bunch of minor things: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.0.12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The latest patch notes can always be found at Mac - Improved memory usage and stability under Mac OS X 10.4.9 using multi-threaded OpenGL Bug Fixes - Attempting to turn in a guild charter with a signature from a player that formed his own guild will no longer result in an inappropriate error message. - Using the customer support "Auto-Unstuck" will now trigger the one-hour cooldown on the player's hearthstone. - Arenas Players will no longer be able to see their opponents in the Combat Log of an Arena match-up before the game starts. - Battlegrounds Eye of the Storm: P

Team Fortress 2 Interview

March 29 2007

One of the games I am most looking forward to this year (well, I thought I would be playing now, but such is the world of computer game release dates) is Team Fortress 2. It will be included with Half Life 2: Episode 2 later this year ... and bring a breathe of fresh air to the Half Life 2 multiplayer community (sorry folks, but CounterStrike sucks). Not only is TF2 going for an look ... very cartoon like, but they are changing much of the gameplay from Team Fortress (for Quake 1) and Team Fortress Classic (for Half Life). They are removing all grenades from the game except for the Demoman (no more Medic conj jumps) and really modifying the class roles to be much more specific. Overall, I am looking forward to the game. Here is the interview and below is a great picture of what to expect .. that is the new Sniper and the new Spy.

Another story of someone getting worked up over a computer game

March 28 2007

So, it seems that people are taking computer games a bit to seriously these days. We had the story about Mercenaries 2 and Venezuela last week, and now we have this The government of Mexican state Chihuahua will be seizing all available copies of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW2) from distributors within the state, El Diario reports. Developed by Ubisoft Paris and Red Storm Studios, the game was released on Xbox 360 earlier this month, with PlayStation 3, PSP, and PC versions following later in the year. Chihuahua governor Jose Reyes Baeza Terraces, who issued the order for seizure, explained the game's setting defames the country of Mexico. According to a press release provided by publisher Ubisoft, GRAW2 depicts a "full-scale civil war" between "Mexican loyalists and insurgent rebel forces." This poses an "imminent threat to the United States," requiring the U.S. government to deploy the Ghosts, a military team "equipped with the most cutting-edge weaponry and t

Bono, Computer Games, and Venezuela ... imagine how they all connect

March 22 2007

This is just so absurd it is funny Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and his supporters have been quite vocal in their dissatisfaction that the events of Pandemic Studios' free-roaming destruct-a-thon Mercenaries 2: World in Flames--set for release this fall on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC--take place in a virtual recreation of Venezuela. With those past complaints having little tangible effect, the Venezuela Solidarity Network is now asking religious leaders and secular-minded individuals to petition a seemingly unlikely target: U2 lead singer Bono. Why Bono? The singer is a partner in Elevation Partners, the firm that acquired Bioware and Pandemic Studios in 2005, meaning Bono is in part funding development of the game. The VSN hopes that Bono's connection to Pandemic and his "efforts to erase the plagues of debt and famine from our planet" will give them the edge in their goal to "to see that 'Mercenaries 2' is pulled from stores and not sold anywhere." Citing that

Why the PS3 Sucks

March 21 2007

If you hate what Sony has done to the Playstation brand, you have to watch this ... Why PS3 Sucks

Sony is thinking about shooting themselves in the PS3 feet ...

March 9 2007

So according to sources, Sony is looking to find ways to save money on the production costs of the Playstation 3. One of the ways would be to do what they did in Europe and remove the PS2 hardware including in the PS3 for backwards compatibility with games. This would mean that you would need software emulation to play PS2 games ... which does not exist today for 99% of the PS2 game catalog. Now, I know that the Xbox 360 uses software emulation, but they support over 150 Xbox games today. And they keep adding games every month .. they just added one of the Mortal Kombat games my friend Al helped build .. and its 4 years old. Sony, wake the hell up. You are just going to piss off more of your customers. Microsoft, please take advantage of this ... Sony to bring 'PS2-less' PS3 to US, Japan? from Gizmodo

Lunaris roars to life in WoW:BC

March 6 2007

With the release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion, the 40 man raiding style of end game play that was around for two years has totally changed. Raids are now designed for 25 players and most of the instances are 5 player (standard and Heroic) and 10 player raids (such as Karahazan). Only the outdoor raid bosses allow for 40 players to participate. These changes were made to make raids easier to form and manage .. but what about guilds like Lunaris? We had a 40 raid person schedule down like clockwork ... what about the other 15 people? Reality is that we lost a few of our raiders, and others left for different guilds and servers. Lunaris currently does two nights of 25 player raiding and three nights of 10 player raiding .. but we run multiple teams in Karahazan. And so far we are kicking major butt ... We have cleared Karahazan with Nightbane down We have killed Doom Lord Kazzak and we have killed Doomwalker, who just happens to think its fun to squish ma

Massively Addictive

February 21 2007

I have gotten this article forwarded to me a by a couple folks (thanks to Sarah for being the first) ... I guess people associate me with World of Warcraft as much as with anything else these days. :-) As millions continue to spend large quantities of time in virtual worlds, what effect is this having on the real one? By Mike Smith 15 Feb 2007 The eight million players of massively multiplayer on-line game World of Warcraft don't really change the game's world. Even if you spend all night slaying an epic dragon, it'll still be alive again in time for the next team of intrepid adventurers. But in some cases, the compelling, addictive gameplay characteristic of many massively multiplayer games can have devastating impacts on the real worlds of their players. After World of Warcraft's first expansion pack The Burning Crusade released last month, adding a new continent to the world and a sizable stack of new adventures for players to tackle, we were inundated with tales of Warcraft w

The real way to solve our space junk problems

February 6 2007

So the NYTimes is reporting that we are having real space junk problems ... In the last decade or so, as scientists came to agree that the number of objects in orbit had surpassed a critical mass — or, in their terms, the critical spatial density, the point at which a chain reaction becomes inevitable — they grew more anxious. Early this year, after a half-century of growth, the federal list of detectable objects (four inches wide or larger) reached 10,000, including dead satellites, spent rocket stages, a camera, a hand tool and junkyards of whirling debris left over from chance explosions and destructive tests. I think a Slashdotter hit the nail on the head with the way to solve this.. NASA needs to cut a deal with Blizzard. Make each of the pieces of "space junk" an ultra-rare item in World of Warcraft that the players have to go and collect themselves. The problem will be solved in 3 months. So true! (thanks Nathan for pinging me about this)

The battle of the avatars

January 28 2007

So we heard a lot about Second Life last week at Lotusphere, and even some about World of Warcraft. I thought it would be interesting to compare my avatars in each. So here is Starfish Hennah ... and here is Starfish of Garona, Knight Commander, Elite of Lunaris ... Hmmmm ... which one would win in a fight :-)

World of Warcraft .. the end of Raiding as we know it

January 15 2007

As I write this, people all over the US are getting ready for the release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion. This release is huge ... with over 8 million ACTIVE subscribers to the game, this might be the biggest game release (in terms of release day shipments) ever. But many on the outside do no not realize what this means to the community. The character limit was 60 in the original game release. I have been level 60 since 2 years ago ... which means I have been playing end game content all this time. Most of this content is in the form of Raiding, either in 20 or 40 man groups. The BC expansion will bump the level cap to 70, increase all of the skills to another level, and present 6 zones of new content. But it also is the end of the 40 man raids. Blizzard decided to drop the max raid size to 25. They did this for many reasons, but I think the biggest reason is the level of effort it takes to organize 40 people. Lunaris, my guild, will continue into the expansio

The real reason Lord Kazzak opens the Dark Portal (WoW:BC Story)

January 10 2007

Here, the (Un)Official lore on the opening of the Dark Portal. (Scene: Kazzak's Patrol Path) Kazzak: This sucks. All I do is get grinded by level 60s. Generic Demon: You could go to Outland! I hear that area is controlled by the Legion! ::Kazzak crushes Generic Demon:: Kazzak: Ill do it! Ill go to Outland! (Cue: Kazzak Theme Song) Here he comes! That Demon Man! Crushing his foes! With his bare hands! Hes havin' troubles! So hes movin'! To where he can live free! From Players like you or me! (Kazzak! Kazzak!) Lord of the Demons! King of Evil! Bringer of Death! Destroyer of All Things Civil! (Kazzak! Kazzak!) Hes got the plan! Hes got the power! Hes getting stronger! By the hour! (Kazzak: RAWRRR!) Kazzak! (End song) (Scene: Random Swamp) Other Demon: Are you sure it is here master? Kazzak: Of course I am! It should be just over THERE! (A large Temple comes into view) Other Demon: Wow. Kazzak: Behold my minions! The Temple of Wal Mar't! ::Kazz

Xbox 360 Statistics from CES

January 9 2007

Today, as part of Microsoft's CES keynote, Peter Moore sent an email to members of the press in which he shared his excitement about what they have accomplished so far. The following are stats and figures provided by Mr. Moore: Over 10.4 million Xbox 360 consoles sold in more than 37 countries. On track for 13-15 million units shipped by the end of FY07. Record-breaking attach rate of 5.3 games sold per console. Gears of War sold more than 2.7 million copies after only 8 weeks on the market. Xbox Live community has eclipsed 5 million members, with over half of all consoles connected. Goal: 6 million Xbox Live members by June 2007. The average Xbox Live Gold subscriber has more than 21 friends. Every day there are 2 million messages (text/voice/picture) sent across the Xbox Live network. Over 100 million pieces of standard and high definition content have been downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace. Over 70% of Xbox Live members are downloading content from Xbox Live Marketpl

Lunaris drops Loatheb and Gothik (the Harvester)

October 21 2006

My time outside of work has been pretty minimal these past two weeks (two projects coming to fruition at the same time, go go scheduling), but there has been some WoW time. Lunaris defeated two of the more difficult bosses in Naxxramas . Loatheb is the last boss in the Plague wing, requiring lots of world buffs and perfect execution. Gothik is one of the most intensive battles we have ever had ... with 30 waves of trash and then a boss ... with the raid split in half and everyone having to be on the ball. So that means we have 12 bosses down ... 3 to go. We are currently working on the Four Horsemen ... the hardest fight in the game currently. Four very difficult bosses mounted on horses that you have to have at least 6 warriors for. Once we get thru them, we expect to roll thru Sapphrion (the Frostwrym) and Kel'Thuzad ... the undead Lich and head boss of the raid instance. Loatheb Gothik (the Harvester)

Lunaris drops Patchwerk and Grobbulus

August 14 2006

After many weeks of work, the first boss in Naxxaramas' Abomination Wing Patchwerk is dead. He has over 2.4 million hit points and is just a tank. He requires 7 minutes of amazing, no mistake healing and damage. Last night, we finally got him down. Once we celebrated, we took down the next boss in that wing as well, Grobbulus. Nice work Lunaris!

Coke goes GTA?

August 13 2006

It seems that Coke has decided to take on the Grand Theft Auto universe and make a commercial. From Interesting. Not sure if this is real of fan-made, but its a great parody of the GTA world ... with a positive twist.

Is World of Warcraft killing the PC Gaming Industry?

July 25 2006

Last week, Brian Sullivan (Age of Empires co-creator and Iron Lore, makers of Titan Quest, co-founder) made the following statement in an interview on Gamasutra: "The game marketplace is currently undergoing a lot of change, with the success of World of Warcraft and other MMOs, the rise of console gaming and what looks like a very long transition to next-generation, the rise of handheld gaming (especially with the DS), and the huge increase in development costs," Sullivan said. "It is harder than ever to figure out how to be successful in this market." I find this to be an interesting comment. Yes, budgets for games these days dictate a 200,000 break even selling point. Yes, World of Warcraft is the biggest game out there, still #1 on the Game charts after almost 2 years. Let's face it ... when you have 6.5 million subscribers, and the next most successful MMO over time had 2 million, this is going to change the marketplace. I know my purchasing of computer games is down the past two

For the WoW fans ... a lesson in Agro

July 24 2006

I know a lot of rogues and mages who should heed this cartoon :-)

Geek Fest Weekend

July 2 2006

One of my close friends is getting married this summer. He happens to be a physics teacher in the Chicago suburbs. He is part of a group of my friends that fall into the Computer Game/D&D/Board Games group. So, for his bachelor party, he decided to have a gamer's weekend. The party is starting out with an D&D Arena of Death (D&D with 2 teams fighting it out), followed by BattleTech, SpaceHulk, and various board games like Risk and Shogun. Add in food from the best Deli in Chicago (Augustino's) and a Mexican Fiesta of Fajiitas and Nachos, equals a great time. Not sure what time I will go to bed tonight ... Sarah gets back from her parents tomorrow, so I have to be 'normal' by then. Yes, you can call me geek :)

Lunaris kills C’Thun

May 24 2006

While working my butt off the past couple months, my free time has been taken up by a couple of things. As I need a destresser, WoW and exercise are the two things that help me relax. Lunaris has been working at the final boss for Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, the latest 40 man raid. C'Thun, one of the old gods beat down by the Titans, provides a very difficult challenge. There are two stages to the fight. The first stage has the boss as a giant eye. The raid has to spread out around him. It is not a traditional fight. Each group of 5 players has to be self sufficient. You can not stand within 5 game feet or a chain lightning effect will destroy the party. You can not be too far apart as you still need to heal and deal with the 8 eye stalk spawns. Every 45 seconds or so the Eye puts out a red laser been that sweeps clockwise or counter clockwise. The entire raid has to move, in the 5 man groups, and position themselves properly. This is not a fight about tanking or healing, its a fight about 4

Lazy Gamers get taken care of

December 22 2005

So, Ben sent me this link. How sad is this ... Now, I love to play games ... and have a great setup at my desk ... but this is sad! Click the picture for more info

What happened when the squirrel dropped the feather and the ball ...

December 20 2005

One of my good friends Brian "Squirrel" Eiserloh, Senior Programmer for Ritual (maker's of Sin, Heavy Metal FAKK 2, Star Trek Elite Force 2, and the upcoming Sin: Episodes, is going to be speaking at the Computer Developer's Conference. He is on a panel talking about Physics for Game Programmers. Ritual will also be showing off their new game engine. Its all fancy using DirectX 10 and will power Windows Vista games. He has been down in Dallas working away at this engine for a long time, so good to see it is going to be shown. Hope March 20th doesn't come to soon for ya man! Any chance of getting a Notes project out there so I can come? :)

Lunaris drops Thunderaan

October 7 2005

With everything going on in my life, its a wonder how I still get to do things like play World of Warcraft. I do carve out some time, and last night was on for just a short while. Why? Because Lunaris (my guild) was about to trigger the first Legendary event on our server (Garona). This is a big quest line that requires 2 legendary loot drops in Molten Core, 100 Arcanite, 10 Elementium Ore from Black Wing Lair, and then this fight. The end result is the first legendary item in the game. Congrats to Sinzar, our raid commander, for his new sword! Prince Thunderaan Dead Prince Thunderaan Sinzar with the sword Thunderfury

Nintendo takes a risk ... the Revolution Controller has been demoed

September 17 2005

Well, this past week Nintendo introduced the long rumored controller for the Revolution, their next gaming console. The controller, which looks like a remote control, allows additional devices to be plugged in. Check out the analog controller below: Multiplayer games should be easy with multiple controllers. I have to give Nintendo credit for taking a risk and doing something different. So called "hard core" gamers are going to sneer at this. They want the controller that Microsoft and Sony use. Funny thing about those ... Nintendo revolutionized those with the NES. I can not wait to see what games come out for this. Get more info at the following places: - IGN - Gamespot - Gamespot Hardware (lots of details) My reaction is that this is either going to produce great games and a great experience or just be a horrible gamble on Nintendo's part. I hope it works out.

Ragnaros 3.0 dead

June 22 2005

Lunaris killed Ragnaros 3.0 tonight

Onyxia Head goes to Starfish

June 15 2005

Lunaris killed Onxiya as part of our weekly raiding, and I got the head! This is part of a turn in quest in Stormwind which gets the person a great ring!

Ragnaros 2.0 dead

June 1 2005

Case Modding Goes ’Doom’

March 15 2005

For those of you not aware, one of the big things with the gaming community is to modify one's computer case. Called "case moding," people go to extremes to make their computer look like anything but a computer. One of the coolest ones I have seen is the Doom 3 case mod. Still in progress, the modder has a picture blog of his progress. Its a great read/view and interesting to see how it is done. I can not wait to see what it looks like in the end. Check it out here

Billy "Wicked" Wilson Dead at 33

March 15 2005

Wow ... I do not know what to say here. Bill "Wicked" Wilson, the founder of and the Original founder of VoodooExtreme (now part of IGN Insider) passed away this morning. He leaves behind his son, Dax, and ex-wife Aimee. Billy was one of the originals in the world of computer and console game news on the web. VoodooExtreme was brash, over the top, and rubbed many people the wrong way. But Billy did it with style and class, and helped turn the gaming web sites into legitimate journalism. I met Billy once, but he would not remember me. I can not call him a friend, but I watched his sites and career over the past few years. He was 33, just a few years older than I am. Just hits you hard. You can read some other stories about Billy here and here. Billy, you are in a better place. Rest in Peace.

What keeps you busy John?

February 21 2005

As many people have realized, I have been way to busy the past 6 months. Last fall, it was politics and school. With the election in Nov and finishing school in Dec, neither of those can be used as excuses. In January, it was Lotusphere planning. Between a Jump Start, a Session, and planning the PSC booth, things were nuts. As Lotusphere ended, PSC had its internal training event. I have also closed 4 projects since the new year. Mix that with being sick and there goes all the free time. Well, I need to do a full review of this, but I have been playing World of Warcraft. Its one of the multi-player on-line all the time games. A fantasy world with depth I have never seen before. So if you are playing WoW, what are your experiences? If you are playing on the Garona server and are part of the Alliance, say hi to Starfish ... original, i know :)

Doom 3 Expansion Detailed

January 7 2005

Gamespy and IGN have articles giving detailed previews of the Doom 3 Expansion, titled Resurrection of Evil, that I have seen. More baddies, more Hell, and some mini bosses sounds like it will be a great addon to Doom 3, which I still play. The double barrel shotgun returns from Doom2, and we get some soft of gravity weapon, ala the Halflife 2. For multiplayer, we get up to 8 players officially supported and the return of Threewave Capture the Flag. Not official date, but expect it this year. Only things better than this would be more news on Quake IV :) Some Screenshots for eyecandy:

Halo 2 is out!

November 9 2004

Well, this little game called Halo 2 is coming out for the XBox today. Now, being an old school Doom and Quake person, I still can not get into a first-person shooter without a mouse and keyboard. But I did enjoy Halo and Halo 2 looks great. And look how big a deal this is ... go to and see. Anyone get it yet?

Half Life 2 is GOLD, Shipping Nov 16th

October 18 2004

Half Life 2, the sequel to the award winning first chapter from Valve Software has gone Gold (which means the game is done and just being manufactured and shipped). You can get it on November 16th at various retail outlets or via Steam. Even CNN is talking about this. And yes, for those that notice a even tone here, I am on edge about this game. Yes, Half Life was amazing. But the multiplayer is just CounterStrike Source, not even CounterStrike2 (meaning they just rebuild the existing game using the new engine and physics). The engine is not even a complete port, they started with the HL1 engine. I will buy this (already have) and really hope its a fun game, but man ... way too much hype on this one.

Nintendo DS Official News

September 21 2004

Finally, information on the Nintendo DS handheld is coming out in some official form straight from Nintendo. The new 2 screen handheld will be releases November 21st for a MSRP of US $149.99. It will ship with Metroid Prime Hunter: First Hunt, which is a multiplayer demo of the Hunter game to come out later. This is to showcase the wireless multiplayer features of the device. It will also shop with PictoChat as part of the system, which is a whiteboard chat software that works wireless with other devices. Go here to read the official press release.

Duke Nuken Forever Timeline

August 30 2004

Oh, this is priceless. This was a timeline that someone on a Duke Nukem Forever website put together, and now that post has disappeared. Read thru this and just laugh at how long this has taken. It gets better as your read, especially the end - John -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Janurary 1997: Work on DNF started.* April 1997: Quake 2 engine purchase announced. (they got it in mid-late 1997 before Quake 2 was released). Scott Miller states that he is confident that DNF will be released by mid 1998 and prey in late 1998 making 1998 a bit year for 3DR. He also mentions that his confidence is not misplaced. August and September 1997: First screenshots in PC gamer (hummer, farmer i think). May 1998: First DNF E3 video shown. You can see that a lot of work has been done. Late 1998: 3DR announces switch to Unreal tech. It is expected to take no longer than 6 weeks and 3DRealms says "DNF is a 1999 game." Mid 19

Official Doom3 Trailer

July 31 2004

With 4 days until the official release here in the states, id Software released the official trailer for Doom3. Folks, if you have not checked out any of the info I have shared, please check this out. Even just to see the new level that computer games have reached. Turn off the lights, crank up the volume ... cause you will need to listen to see why this game is going to be so damn scary. Oh, and a warning ... EVIL is the only way to describe this game.

Doom3 Hardware Guide

July 29 2004

HardOCP has the offical Doom3 Hardware Guide. If you want to know what you video card will look like with Doom3, head on over. Very detailed descriptions and screenshots await you. I can not wait to see what my new 512 meg PCI Express Video card does :)

Doom3 News

July 27 2004

Two items of new today on the Doom3 front: First, G4 TechTV's Icons show had a feature on Doom3. Shows the history of Doom3 and a bunch of new footage. Including the first image of the Cacodemon that I have seen. Download the video here. Second, id and Creative Labs today announced that future versions of the Doom3 engine will support EAX ADVANCED HD Audio. Turns out the reason for this is Creative has a patent on a certain algorithm, which technique is used to do the shadowing in Doom3. id decided to make the deal instead of having to delay the game or go with new tech. Man, patents for things like algorithms is just wrong.

Robert Duffy on Doom3

July 26 2004

Robert Duffy updated his .plan file with some info about the rendering technology of Doom3, as well as some other info. What I love about this is that Robert revealed that if you have 512 Megs of ram on your Graphics Card, then Doom3 can run with uncompressed textures ... how many 512 Meg video cards are they today (answer is none at the mainstream level). I just ordered a new Dell and the top of the line video card I could get was 256 megs of ram. What this means is that the life cycle of the Doom3 engine is HUGE ... August 3rd is only 8 days away!

Doom3 Update

July 22 2004

Even more Doom3 Goodies for all you ... New interviews (they cover the same material) at Gamespy, Gamespot, and PC.IGN Doom3 Benchmarks ... ATI is getting their butt kicked! Oh, and now Half-Life 2 is almost done ... how conveinant ... I will believe Valve again when I can install the game on my computer

More Doom3 Info

July 19 2004

So a bunch of Doom3 and id Software news today: Read about the Doom boardgame Read about the "Making of Doom3' book Watch a G4TechTV video about Doom3 with interviews. Cool footage. The Software Development Kit will ship shortly after the game ships, but the map editor is built right into the game Linux files should be available when the game ships (but not on the CD) and the Mac OS X version is still being worked on Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2 is being made, by another developer. Rumor is that Splash Damage, who did the RTCW:Enemy Terriory addon, is doing it. The other rumor is that it will be powered by the Doom3 engine RUMOR - QuakeV, the continuation of the Quake2 story being developed by Raven Software using the Doom3 engine, will be shown at Quakecon in August id's next game will be a brand new property Thats it for today on Doom3


July 14 2004

Yes, you read that right ... DOOM3 is done! here is a quote from Todd Hollenshead's (CEO of id Software) plan file: 7-14-2004 11:52 AM CDT IT'S DONE!!!!!!! Yes, this is the official word that DOOM 3 has been code released and has been approved for manufacturing! It won't be long now until the anticipation ends and the PH34R begins ;-) We literally just hung up with Activision and have confirmed that our latest release candidate has been mutually approved and is finally GOLD. Thanks to everyone for their patience (yeah right! =) and for everyone at id, Activision and our numerous partners for helping us create what I believe is absolutely the best game we have ever made. August 3rd is the release date here in the US, with worldwide releases by August 13th. Time to buy those new computers!

Fallout 3 announced

July 12 2004

One of my favorite computer game series of all time, Fallout, is getting a third game! Bestheda Softworks, the folks behind Morrowind, sent out a press release saying that they are going to make Fallout 3. The series was in jeopardy due to the fact it is owned by Interplay, which is having financial issues. Here is some info from the press release: "We're extremely excited about this opportunity and what it means both for Bethesda and for Fallout fans around the world," said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks. "Fallout is one of the great RPG franchises. Millions of Fallout games have been sold worldwide, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of a Fallout 3 title. Bethesda's proven expertise in this genre, building on our experience and the tremendous success we have enjoyed with our cutting-edge Elder Scrolls series, will enable us to create the next chapter of Fallout that is worthy of the franchise." Now, I loved Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

Doom3 is just around the bend

July 6 2004

With the acknowledged status of Doom3 in beta testing, and the rumored release date of August 5th, talk about the release of Doom3 is abuzz. It seems that it will ship before Half-Life2. But now we know for sure that the release is upon us, as QuakeCon announced that one of the official tournaments will be a Doom3 Deathmatch! MESQUITE, Texas – July 6, 2004 - The battleground is set - the 9th annual QuakeCon 2004 video game festival and tournament at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas on August 12-15 will host the first DOOM 3™ deathmatch championship ever. Be there to game, hang out with 5,000 of your closest friends, and compete for $150,000 in cash and prizes in the NVIDIA QuakeCon 2004 Championship Tournaments. First-come, first-serve online registration for QuakeCon 2004 has begun at The must-attend event for gamers is free to all attendees. “We’re having a DOOM 3 party this year, and w

E3 - No, I am not ignoring it

May 12 2004

People have asked me why I am not covering all of the E3 news, such as the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and all of the game news. Frankly, I can not do a better job than sites like Shacknews. So go read that for the next few days and I will then come back with some thoughts this weekend ... I even have a spy on the show floor for some first hand reports! But one piece of news I will mention, id Software and Activision stated that Doom3 will ship this summer. Now, this is the first ACTUAL date from id, who coined the phrase 'when its done', so hopefully we will see Doom3 hit soon. And, here is a new image for you ... yes, the motion blur is IN GAME, REAL-TIME!

Doom - the board game?

March 21 2004

I got a IM telling me to check out this link, and its just a precursor of the marketing blitz that is to come with the upcoming Doom3 release. Just as the Age of Mythology board game, the Doom boardgame will follow the basic story. The problem is that the details of the story are still not known! Anyways, here is a preview.

Some Doom3 goodies ...

March 19 2004

Doom3 interview with lots of info!

March 4 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004 goes GOLD

March 4 2004

I just learned from Shacknews that UT 2004 has gone GOLD! For those of you that do not know what the means, "Gold" refers to the master version that gets manufactured and shipped. So the game is 'done' and should be in the stores by March 15th. If you are like me, and are getting bored with the military tactical 'one hit and your dead' games, UT 04 is a great mix of the old free for all shooter games (like Quake ][ and Quake3Arena) with enough team play and vehicles (Battlefield 1942 and Halo) to keep everyone happy. And its all purty :) Anyone of for a fragging?

The Movie and Computer Game Alphabet Games!

March 4 2004

So for those of you that love trivia and puzzles, check out the Movie Alphabet Game. And for those of you that know your computer games, check out the Computer Game Alphabet Game. How many can you get? L is the hardest in the Computer Game version by far.

Doom3 getting closer ...

January 11 2004

The computer game industry has been waiting for Doom3 for a few years, and it looks like they will finally get their hands on the game this year. /. (of Slashdot) has an article reporting that is reporting that Doom3 will be shipping 4.1.2004. They also mention that has a preorder section. Two sites are listed, EBGames and Gamestop. Now, EBGames has a shipping date of 7.14.2004 and Gamestop had (page has since been removed) a shipping date of 5.24.2004. Lots of room for slip there, and not one is close to any of the others. My gut is that these sites need to have a ship date to get people to preorder. I have seen boxes at EB and Best Buy, but I do not think anyone but id knows when we will get the game.

10 Years Ago today ... Doom invaded computers

December 10 2003

Doom3 Website Updated

December 6 2003

While its not news about the game shipping, it sure does seem that Doom3 is getting close to that point. Yesterday, I was at Best Buy looking for a new SVideo VCR (I only use my VCR to watch a few movies that arent on DVD yet), and found the Doom3 box for preorder on the shelves. And then, the Official Doom3 website was updated. A few new screenshots, 3 wallpapers, and of course the Doom3 Trailer. If you havent checked out the trailer, go now. It will make you anticipate this game like no other :)

New Blog on the Blogroll - Scott Miller of 3DRealms

November 26 2003

I added a new blog to the left today, and its not one that will find its way to the normal Domino blogroll list. Its Game Matters, by Scott Miller. Scott is the CEO of 3D Realms, and was founder of Apogee. Considered to be one of the father's of shareware games, Scott helped publish the id games of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, and his company is the developer of the Duke Nukem series. What I really like about Scott's blog so far is that he is not just covering gaming development, but the business side as well. If you are into the gaming world, and want another perspective, go over and read. Can not wait to see what comments he gets :)

Doom3 Release Date ... sorta

November 6 2003

Today, Activision had a conference call with some annoucments. Along with the typical revenue and projects, they stated that Doom3 has been moved to its next fiscal year. That means we should see Doom3 no earlier than April, but maybe much later. Other news from the call says that Trinity, the new game from Gray Matter Studios (who did Return to Castle Wolfenstein) has been cancelled.

New Doom3 Interview

November 1 2003

Just an early morning to post to make sure everyone saw the new interview with John "The" Carmack over at Computer And Video John is a minimalist when it comes to games and gameplay, so some interesting info coming to light about Doom3.

Half Life 2 Update - Delayed

October 7 2003

All of this Half Life 2 news about the source code theft has finally caused a statement about its release date. You can read this press release on Yahoo. A quote from that release: The theft of part of its source code has delayed until April 2004 the launch of "Half Life II", the hotly anticipated alien-hunting game of Vivendi Universal Games, a company official said. "A third of the source code was stolen. It's serious because it forces us to delay the launch of the game by at least four months, that is to April 2004. Just the time to rewrite parts of the game," VU Games president of international operations Christophe Ramboz told daily Les Echos in its Tuesday edition. This has turned out to be a huge deal. Vivendi had to cancel a major marketing campaign, as did ATI. ATI put up a large sum of money (the rumor is 6 million) to market that the 9800 series Video Card ran Half Life 2 better than anyone else. This just proves that security has to be a concern at

Half Life 2 Source Code Update

October 4 2003

Hi everyone ... I took Friday off for some Doctor Appointments, so sorry for the lack of updates. Some updated info from Gabe Newell of Valve: 1) We've taken our network connection down to pretty much a minimum. We're still finding machines internally that have been compromised. 2) The suite of tools that the attacker was using included the modified version of RemotelyAnywhere (basically a Remote Desktop-style remote admin tool), Haxker Defender (a process, registry key and file hiding tool), the key logger, and various networking utilities that allowed them to transfer files (compressors, NetCat, and FTP). We also are pretty sure they were sniffing our network to gather passwords and other information. Haxker Defender includes a file system driver that allows an attacker to have stuff on your machine that is invisible, unless you do something like mount the drive under another OS that has NTFS support. We have determined one way of detecting som

Half-Life 2 Source Code Stolen

October 2 2003

I did't believe this when I heard the rumors, but this is straight from Gabe Newell, founder and President of Valve: Yes, the source code that has been posted is the HL-2 source code. Here is what we know: 1) Starting around 9/11 of this year, someone other than me was accessing my email account. This has been determined by looking at traffic on our email server versus my travel schedule. 2) Shortly afterwards my machine started acting weird (right-clicking on executables would crash explorer). I was unable to find a virus or trojan on my machine, I reformatted my hard drive, and reinstalled. 3) For the next week, there appears to have been suspicious activity on my webmail account. 4) Around 9/19 someone made a copy of the HL-2 source tree. 5) At some point, keystroke recorders got installed on several machines at Valve. Our speculation is that these were done via a buffer overflow in Outlook's preview pane. This recorder is apparently a customized version

Battlefield 1942 Community Update

September 26 2003

EA just put out the latest Battlefield 1942 Community update. Here is a short list of what is coming in the 1.5 patch: Pacific Theater Content, included a US Marine skin, and 2 Japanese vehicles a new map "Invasion of the Philippens" fix of the CD swapping bug If you like multiplayer games and are not playing Battlefield 1942, you should be. Plus, with mods like Desert Combat and Galactic Conquest (which is a Star Wars mod ... with the first map being Hoth!), its just a killer experience.

Doom3 News

September 24 2003

Breaking News: Half-Life 2 Delayed

September 23 2003

As is reporting, it looks like Half-Life 2 is not coming out next week, but is being delayed. He is a quote that ShackNews got from Valve: The previously announced September 30th release date for Half-Life 2 is being pushed back. We are currently targeting a holiday release, but do not have a specific "in-store" date to share at this time. We will release that information as soon as we have confirmed a new date. All I can say is that you should never commit to a release date until the CD is burnt! Do you really think that they just decided this week that they couldn't ship the game next week ... cause manufacturing is such a quick process!

2 New Games on the Hard Drive

September 17 2003

Halo for the PC GONE GOLD!

September 15 2003