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Notes/Domino Express with Clustering, DA, and web access - Thoughts on how IBM can solve the issues

December 1 2010

So watching the reactions of people to Ed's announcement that Domino Express was going to get clustering as part of the entitlement has been interesting. I think IBM adding clustering to the Express offering is great, but also agree that the Directory Assistance should not be withheld from the Express entitlement. It is a no brainer and I hope it gets added in the short term. Ed's second post about this brings even more discussion, but really focuses on the thought around applications access on the web. Express does not allow external authenticated or anonymous web access to Domino applications. The Utility Express Domino license covers this. Utility Express is not cheap nor expensive - US$2700 for 100 PVUs. But should IBM really be charging for something like a blog, running the IBM blog template, on a server? I think there are two ways to solve this problem. The first is that IBM make the following to the IBM Domino Collaboration Express entitlement: 1. Allow DA for all Domino