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New PSC Video: Happy IT Talent = Happy Clients

September 3 2014

PSC Group, LLC has published a new video on why having great talent is so important to a successful company. Having worked here 13+ years, I find this video to be spot on with our PSC approaches and values or team.

The perception gap between clients and vendors with social business and cloud

September 21 2011

I have heard something over the past couple of days that I thought I would put out for discussion. I am hearing about a huge gap between what vendors think is the current state with social business and cloud and what customers believe are important to them right now. On one side we have the vendors who are changing everything to fit into the social business and/or cloud business models. From branding and marketing to strategy to how they align themselves internally as an organization. I get why. These are the buzzwords getting traction in the tech media space. The analysts, the advertising, the marketers. Social media is hot, let's build on top of it as social business. I am not arguing that this is not a hot topic in the marketplace. Same with cloud. It's the buzzword of the time. From the Microsoft commercials to the Google and sales pitches. I hear many of our larger customers talking about the cloud. On the other side of that coin are the companies that sell licens

IBM Case Study - Zain Africa Challenge: PSC and Lotus software facilitate auspicious event for Africa’s future

August 5 2010

I am excited that the IBM case study for one of PSC's longest clients has been published. Zain Africa Challenge: PSC and Lotus software facilitate auspicious event for Africa's future is a great story about how Lotus software with a great services team can help bring educational opportunities to the African continent. "If we had been using any system other than Lotus Domino with its rapid application development capabilities, we couldn’t have done this so quickly and for such reasonable cost. That is what made the program possible. " - Alex Kassabov, VP of Collaboration, PSC Group, LLC Customer: PSC Group, LLC Industry: Telecommunications, Education, Media & Entertainment Deployment country: Nigeria IBM Business Partner: PSC Group, LLC This project is what got us the 2009 Lotus Award for Best Philanthropic Solution and I am really glad this story is now out there for everyone to read. We have been very proud of the work we have been able to support that allows university students a