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Quickbase Empower 2016 - Transitioning Data from Legacy Systems into QuickBase

June 30 2016

here are the slides from the session at Quickbase Empower 2016 for "Transitioning Data from Legacy Systems into QuickBase" that my coworker Ken Lamey and I delivered. Locked deep inside your company, legacy data is the running your business – and holding you back. It’s one of the reasons for the rise of Shadow IT and Citizen Developers. Users today don’t just need access; they need to use that data in ways most enterprise systems can’t provide. We will take a look at how legacy data can be transformed within your organization. Three options will be discussed: Modernized, Integrate, and Migrate. We will show you how tools such as QuickBase Sync and Zapier can unlock your legacy data. We will also show you tools built that allow migration from IBM Notes & Domino and Microsoft SharePoint to QuickBase with just a few clicks! Come learn how to leverage all of your data! Transitioning Data from Legacy Systems into QuickBase from John Head


May 28 2015

My coworker Ken Lamey and I delivered our session at Intuit Quickbase Empower 2015 this morning. You can find the slides below: Session abstract: You have built that killer application that perfectly meets the demands of your business users. Now what? Now is the time to finish strong and plan for a successful rollout. In this session, the PSC team will equip you with information and guidance to successfully roll out your application for maximum benefit. You'll walk away with the skills to develop a strong communication plan, improve user adoption, gather user feedback, train users, and track their usage throughout the rollout.