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Why you will love your calendar when Notes 8.5.1 ships

August 24 2009

One of the areas that I publically speak out about my frustration (which is rare - I save that for internal methods of communication with IBM) is with the Notes calendar. My Calendar for this Friday in Notes 8.5.1 (white blocks are stuff I had to hide from all of you :-) ) I can tell you today that Notes 8.5.1 is going to solve many of those problems, and polish the work done in 8.5.0. Personally, my Notes calendar is the calendar tool I prefer to use - and I have Outlook and Google Calendar accounts in use and have used Apple iCal for years. IBM really got the calendar right. Here are some reasons why: 1. Clicking a calendar link on the web just works. We have asked this for years, but when I am on a web page and click an "Add to my Calendar" link, it should go straight to Notes. With 8.5, Notes acted as the default calendar application in Windows, but the experience in Notes was bad. Now, a single click takes you from the web page to the Meeting Notice in Notes - ready to ad