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John Speaks 2016 - IBM Amplify 2016

May 5 2016

I am super excited to be speaking at IBM Amplify 2016 in Tampa on May 17th, 2016 at 10:15 AM EDT. With IBM Digital Experience part of the IBM Commerce brand now, there is a whole group of folks with fresh eyes looking at what DX can do. My session: DDX-1420: Bringing Your Web Applications to the IBM Digital Experience IBM WebSphere portal has been seen as the realm of the back-end developer with specialized Java skills. This has been a barrier to entry to the IBM Domino community. IBM has transformed the product to the IBM Digital Experience platform – and it’s not just a name change! With the inclusion of the Script Portlet and IBM Portal on Cloud option, it’s time to look again. This session explains how to integrate your XPages applications, IBM Bluemix and even Microsoft SharePoint. It also demonstrates content re-purpose without migration. If you are looking for a single point of integration for all your applications, this session is for you!

Why IBM XPages developers should care about IBM Bluemix - from the business/sales point of view

March 4 2015

There has been a bunch of chatter about IBM Bluemix and why it should be a consideration as a platform for any current Notes & Domino and XPages customers. Most of those are focused on the technology side - such as Mark's posts and Notesin9 - or about the upcoming support for Domino & XPages that IBM discussed at IBM ConnectED. All of that is very cool stuff. What excites me most is what it means in terms of building applications and getting customers excited. The sales process for Bluemix is very new and I am still finding ways to talk about it with customers. For me, having an application development platform is not a selling point. Being able to produce great applications that solve problems with new deployment options is a selling point. So my partner-in-crime Andrew Barickman put together a demo that I believe really will help me in my sales conversations. Below is one of our XPages demonstration applications called Pursuit Tracker Here is Pursuit Tracker running o