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IBM: Please follow in Microsoft’s BPOS footsteps here ...

July 21 2010

I saw this on Karen Hobert's blog: Microsoft showcased at the show this week a number of its partners who’ve already jumped on the BPOS bandwagon. To encourage others to start selling the suite, Microsoft announced that it will offer partners 250 BPOS seats for their own use. You can read all the details on Microsoft's Partner Network page. Lots of fine print. For instance, here who is eligable: Certified Partners Gold Certified Partners Microsoft Action Pack subscribers Empower for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) members Registered Members who have signed the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement (that is, who have enrolled in QuickStart) So this is not available to everyone - you have to put some skin in the game to play. But, Microsoft is clearly saying to it's partners "BPOS is a big deal, go use it yourself, sell what you know" ... and I want IBM to do the same thing. I would like to see IBM offer complete LotusLive packages to every partner. Require some level of s