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More Love - Firefox Plug-in Review

May 21 2009

My love of keeps growing. I installed the Firefox plug-in today. This is what you get: Links to the applications, the website, dashboard, settings page, and more. But the Capture pieces are what caught my interest. I use for most of my screen capture work - because it is simple and FAST. Click, draw square, click image, click copy to clipboard or save, done. So the first option is pretty straight forward - draw a square, capture. The second gives me the visible section - and I can decide if I want it saved locally, to, or edit it on Aviary directly. Two clicks, done. The last is the entire page with the same save and editing options. While Jing still gives me video and some really quick editing controls, I can see myself using the Aviary capture stuff here quite often. - if your listening - we need a way to do this outside Firefox please! Give me a Windows tray application and I will stop using Jing!