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8.5.2 Finally Makes Database Icon’s Rock

April 19 2010

So with 8.5.2 Code Drop 4, IBM removed the limitation of not being able to talk about what is coming in the release. There are a lot of great new changes coming, but the one will make most people smile is the changes to Database Icons. When you select the Icon resource in 8.5.2, you will get this dialog: You can select a full color icon of type BMP, JPG, GIF, and yes folks, PNG. Where do they apply? Well, how about the bookmark bar, database tab, search icon, in Designer, and on the Workspace. I have not found a place they don't show up. You can still create an old style Icon if you want ... there is not image editor built into Designer. Hard to not ask for more than we are getting, but over time, I would love a Save dialog so we can save the source image to the hard drive. But beggars can't be choosers. :-) So thanks to Maureen and her team for getting this one finally taken care of. It's funny, besides DXL and the LSX Toolkit, Database Icons were the item most asked about at "As